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Why do professional athletes get paid more than Surgeons or Doctors?
Does it bother anybody that a player who can catch a ball and swing a bat gets million dollar contracts. A player who runs and catches footballs get million dollar contracts. A Surgeon or Doctor who repairs a brain, heart, or limbs, and saves peoples lives everyday, doesn't even get close to that amount of money.

thas how i roll
I agree 100 percent.

It does bother me. but life is not fair. the sporting business is all entertainment. the reason they are paid more is because players are at a high demand and they are hard to find. don't get me wrong, doctors are a high demand but it seems like everyone is going to school to become a doctor.

† Oh yeah
Its not just catching a ball as you stated. Professional athletes are very unique, they have superhuman like abilities their money comes from their fans, so they do earn the money they get. Athletes have always been paid well in one way or another through out time. Almost anyone can become a doctor if they really study and try hard but the same can not be said of athletes, they are born not made.

We like to pay for the four dollar hot dogs at the sporting events and scalpers like to make lots of money too. There are cost restraints in healthcare.

There is more money involved so it is only fair they get a piece. People who do well in business do better than most doctors as well. Even though doctors get paid very well on average. How come a soldier goes and fights in foreign countries and makes less than the civilians who are contracted to cook their food and do their laundry? Or even better, how come soldiers make so little money in the first place? Do doctors families ever have to worry about the doctor never coming home again?

well u make baseball sound so simple. im no baseball player but i know it takes skill to be one. so i wouldnt give them so little credit on that matter. secondly neurologists and doctors, some very high payed, do make 7 figure salaries, more often when theyre in a private hospitals. i do understand that saving lives is more important than baseball or football, but its the way the game goes unfortunately.

Michael E

i,m here if you need to talk.
people like to see other people get beat up. not all ready lyeing down for the count.

money man
they are higher ranked

Well its like this. We live in a f cked up world. Sorry

Honey Beats
cuz ppl dont care of serious issue. they just care about stufff thats eralavent. "supply and demand"


i don't know i guess its because the demand is there from the fans... they keep comming back and paying outrageous ticket prices so you can't blame the players...its more of the fans faults then anything! People will pay BIG TIME for entertainment of all types and i guess the players are the ones who are doing the entertaining....this is the best i can come up with?

It all boils down to supply and demand. Millions of idiots WANT to watch pro sports. So if only 10-20 guys can razzle dazzle like that, yeah, they will get paid millions. It's better than actors where half of them cannot act well but still get millinos for dumb movies. And yes, it bothers me sometimes. Hell I have days where I only earn like $100 - there is always somebody higher than you and somebody way lower. :-( Hopefully we will come bak as people enlightened AND with a big bank account? I am less worried about millionnaire sports stars and more worried about how America seems oblivious to this terrible war.

because they have fans and games that people attend to and people pay tickets .

its because we are willing to pay outrageous prices for tickets

because they bring in more money.

While I understand your confusion, I would offer this. Being a pro athlete is very uncertain in terms of time one may be able to do it. It is equally certain that one will be injured. How many $ are you willing to take for a near guarantee of ...years down the line...bad knees, back, elbows, shoulders, etc. Athletes don't stay athletes forever, and they DO have to live with the pain and disabilities in their bodies, when the world has forgotten them.

But have you ever spent a Sunday afternoon watching heart surgery? Not very entertaining, is it? And what on earth do you serve for snacks?

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