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Why do people smell in the morning?
My roommates and I have noticed that in the morning there is a strong smell in our bedroom. And I've also notice that people generally smell odd in the morning when they wake up. It is partially bad-breath but also some other things too. So why does this happen?

Devil, Angel of my heart.
you are lying for approximately 8 hours in your sweat and skin cells. you're going to smell.

sweat, hair and skin can get greasy over night even if you showered.

Mr Tiggy
It's from the Stench Gremlins that sneak into rooms in the middle of the night, looking for hair follicles to steal. They are usually barefoot and they leave a residue behind which is what you are smelling in the morning. You should get a cat, that usually keeps them away.

cause you have been laying around all night and not moving. Most times you sweat a little in bed too

Pənny Proud
Night sweats?

bad breath because they could have gum disease like m mom or if they sweat during the night and don't shour enough.

When you lay in a warm bed and you aren't out and about everything settles down. When your body gets warm and unconscious to most all senses in sleep, then body will sweat and bacteria can grow. The bacteria that grows or sweat that happens while you are asleep will make you stink, and therefore the lack of being aware of the body's senses allows everything to settle and sit on your body all night until you wake. It's like during the day, you are eating things, and swallowing and the saliva in your mouth is pretty much constantly flowing, which keeps it from settling and causing sticky buildup which causes a strong odor, and therefore that is your bad breath problem! You don't worry about hygiene when you sleep and so that is another reason why smell is stronger in the morning!

granny turtle
Im familair with the bad breath thing, also some vit/min suplements can seep through skin pores. I had problem with soy and garlic. Persons that enjoy beer or wine may have a problem with this also. I adjusted my doseages and it seems Ok now. Also at some ages or if in stressful times people will sweat more in sleep. Also drinking more water before bed may help. *mamatx

Call Me A B*tch But 1st Put Mrs
good question...

i dont smell THAT much in the morning though !! I just look messy..lol.

because you have been sleeping and your body dosnt clense the way it usually does?

Reenie: Mom of Marine
I agree with Phatbott, For whatever reason, EVEN morning breath! my husband and I don't "clash" as far as smell goes. We wake up together, either sponing, or face to face, give a hug, a squeeze or a kiss.... and face the day! The only time there is a different scent....(And NO it's not a bad one, just a little sweet and musky!) Is when, well....
Well, I guess that's a good sign our "chemistry" matches!

Because at night, during your sleep cycles, your body regenerates itself; it's literally called the elimination process and that is when all the toxins in your body are processed and sent out. That is also why you have bad breath in the morning and often times have to poo first thing...

Lisa Pro
well, you really should take daily showers and brush your teeth daily at least 2 or 3 times a day. then again, u do sweat while u sleep so that might be it.

you sweat in your sleep, so you get all smelly and icky. it's like a girls locker room after a basketball game. YUCK!

because you sweat during the night, you druell, you fart in yoru sleep...

Marie C
LOL... OOppsss,,, i don't smell odd when i wake up because i shower a lot at night with a shower gel moisturizer from Bodyshop... But i agree with bad breath though... Because a person does not talk at the entire night that's why the saliva or perhaps some acids whatver builds up.

Bacteria builds up while your body isn't doing anything. It's probably your mouth at the most. I don't smell when I wake up. It's just my breath which is with everyone. Maybe open your windows? It might not be you, it might be the stuffiness.

who u been sleeping with? I have been married 17 yrs and I have never once smelled my hubby in the morning. Appartently ur roommates are forgetting their nightly showers and doing alot of sweating in bed. Turn up the A/C

Daivd A
cuz you fart under the sheets. that soaks into your skin and when u wake up you smell like shi.t

morning breath can occur when you wake up in the morning because the salivation process when you are asleep is low. but this is just normal. and everyone undergoes having bad breath in the morning. the key to eliminate bad breath is to keep saliva going as well as, try to drink adequate amount water to keep the mouth hydrated. keep an eye on a good oral hygiene like proper brushing and flossing of teeth. for more tips on how to get rid of bad breath visit http://www.oramd.co.uk

Create Zen
you really should shower and brush your teeth before going to bed, it can make a big difference. you can never be too clean. its 2x for each every day

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