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Why do people crazily suggest drinking bleach to pass a drug test?
Are they innocently suggesting a deadly action?

i have no idea, I would never drink bleach. I have heard of them drinking sure gel (used for canning or preserves) or vinegar though

OMG...ppl actually do that...what is wrong with ppl do they not know that it can kill you.....there are so many things that ppl buy from gnc to clear there system of drugs,why they cant do that...i think that goes a little to far......you know that there are so many home made remedies,but drinking bleach...wow thats going to far....

They have their chemicals mixed up! It's vinegar! Drinking bleach is someone looking to die,might do!

I have no idea, but drinking lots and lots of water for several hours before a test is fairly effective and safe.

You bet your life they are!

I have never heard this before. I do know that a lot of drugs are tested through the hair follicles. Maybe they meant bleach your head. And that still wouldn't make any sense, because the hair follicle is down into the scalp.
Allegedly, Britney Spears shaved her head to prevent drugs showing up in her system. If this worked, it would be well known already.
The other girl made sense you'd have to be on drugs to suggest someone drink something as dangerous as bleach. A little bit in toothpaste is fine and even then your spitting it out.
At least you were smart enough to ask first. Before trying this stupid action.
"This question proves the old saying right "This is your brain on drugs"!!

anyone suggesting drinking bleach to pass a drug test is retarded!!!! you are suppose to soak your finger in bleach for a few minutes allow it to dry and then when you pee for your drug test dip your finger in the urine for a minute and it will show a clean drug screen. too clean to be exact. this will pompt further testing of the urine and they will find the bleach in it and the other draw back to this is that the person giving you the drug test will smell the bleach the second you hand them the cup. to end this... drinking bleach even the smallest amount is very deadly it will eat through your throat and stomach. just get a cleanser from a head shop there is one called omni it is a single pill guaranteed to work but it is like 40 bucks. it does work i know people who have used it.

Drinking Bleach???
Maybe because they can't read the warning of "in case of ingestion......" on the bottle!
Desperation of any kind will invariably take one's ability to reason about anything.

Because they are just that. CRAZY. There is nothing innocent about it.

because they're IDIOTS!!! you drink one capful of bleach and you're taking your life into your own hands. they may as well chase it with some drain cleaner!! I have a better idea, maybe they should stay the hell off the drugs and then theree won't be any worry about how to pass a drug screen.

They are stupid!

Remember the old commercial? It showed an egg. "this is your brain" it said. Then it showed the egg frying in a hot pan, burning around the edges, popping and jumping and just ugly. "This is your brain on drugs."

People who do drugs are using fried brains. The "chance" that bleach might kill them looks like better odds than the certainty of being caught through a drug test. They can't see that death is final and believe it can't happen to them.

I guess they would find out pretty quick it was a bad idea. But, think about it they are putting toxins in there body with the drug already, they obviously don't care much about their health.

Piper of Oroville
probably cause they have no clue that it will kill u.......

Hollywood Whore Boulevard Kitten
Because their stupid!!! Drinking bleach can kill. Fact.

Benjamin N
someones sick idea of drug rehab

Gawaine R
This idea is crazy on a couple of levels. For one thing, drinking bleach will burn like hell. It could permanently damage your vocal cords, esophagus, stomach, or even kill you outright. Secondly, it would have very unpredictable effects on the composition of the body's enzymes and hence waste products. Chlorine is extremely toxic, even in small steady doses (although tap water is safe).

WTF?? People are actually suggesting that? Geez, I hope the people reading the answers don't take this seriously....

That is the Crazyiest thing I ever heard! Don't even try it, it will dissovle your insides by drinking bleach. Have you seen what happens to color clothes when bleached? It turns white image what it does to your mouth and your whole body? That's nuts!

mark f
coz there are stupid and dont give a dam to what they say
thats why u shud ignore it and dont listen drinking bleech
will kill you intantly

They obviously have never done it or known anyone who has. They have only heard about it and it isn't so much innocently or crazily suggested as it is a direct proportion to their lack of intelligence.

sheek Txn
Yeah, they apt to PASS alright -- pass AWAY!

You can't fix STUPID!

slightly sadist?

dan the man
It is basically a old wifes tale. Dont try it as it will kill you or severly damage your health. But i suppose if you are unwell for long enough, they wont test you for drugs. Funny world

Matthew O
No, they are not innocently suggesting it. They are suggesting it with the idea that if a person is THAT stupid, it might be a good idea to remove him from the gene pool.

Maybe because they are on drugs.

Richard F
It will kill you, then the drug test won't be as important.

Yamster Berry's Buddy
Bad idea. It will kill you.

drug addicts are not the brightest people on earth,

Maybe cause if you're dead, it doesnt really matter does it?

People: Do NOT drink bleach!

Because a couple of drops of bleach in an 8 oz. glass of water and drinking helped some people pass a drug test. A better way to pass is to know how long the drug will stay in your system from the following website information.

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