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Why do nicotine patches make me feel sick?
trying to give up but the patches making me nauseous. any help

nicotine is poisionous. a thimble full of pure nicotine would kill a person.

♥ X ♥ X ♥ X ♥
Try and cut them in half. Maybe they are just too much for ya.

Shawn H
Patches are a waste off money, if you want to give up just stop, i stopped smoking now for 4 months with will power alone. tried before and found that the patches make me fell sick and the craving was still there. but now i stopped for 4 months with out anything. and found it easier. Its all in the mind.

my mother was the same, it turned out she had the wrong strength patch for how many cigs she smoked a day, she changed the patch and sorted......well, maybe not as she still smokes 40 a day.lol

john chriton
i stopped just like that *tries to snap fingers*....darn!!! ok, here's how i did it. i took the calendar off the wall, and i chose a time when there would be no foreseen stress (i.e. not christmas or around a birthday). Up until that point i still smoked like normal. i bought cigs and lighters when i needed them. Then, when the date came around, i gathered my firends (who smoked) together in a room and put all my cigs i had left, cig papers, lighters, matches and ashtrays into the middle of the room and told them all to help themselves. They looked astonished as i still had quite a lot left. Then when all had been distributed, i then asked them to help me by not giving not offering me cigs ever again. and with just a bit of willpower and a ton of help from my friends, i did it. i have been clean for almost a year now. good luck! happy days!!

Well, stop eating them!

usually the patches have a very concentrated amount of nicotine in them and it doesnt distribute very easily so it makes you feel nauseous. it is almost like going through withdrawl with is probabley how you feel

lower your dose of patch good luck!!

You are most probably on too high of a dose. Maybe go down to the next level. You may be getting too much nicotine in your system and your body is not used to it.

a heart so big
maybe they are too strong for you. If you were a light smoker, you don't need to heavy duty dosage. Try a second- stage patch. I think it's Nicorette that has the different levels, so you can "step-down" and wean yourself off of the nicotine? Try the second step patch.

And if that doesn't work, try the Commit lozenge. I know some people who have has good success with those, because you take a scheduled dosage (which you can alter if it's too much for you) and you can also use them for sudden cravings. But you don't have to finish the lozenges. You can use it while you're craving, and once it passes you can throw the rest away. They give more dosage flexibility.

they do have quite a lot of nicotine in them. maybe thats why?

kudos for trying to quit, hope you make it! :) "yay"

Nicotine can make you nauseous if you are taking too much. You may need to try a lower dose and see if that works better.

your not suposed to eat them

Try weaker strength ones

Keira H
You probably need to go down a strength. Try the ones with the lowest amount of nicotine in.

I found the inhaler much better than the patch, because it also tackled the habit of having something in my hand.

Good luck!

★♥ Bumble ♥★
Try a lower strength. Depending on how much you snoked and what you smoked you have to try and get the right strength or your body will be having more nictoine pumped into it than it's used to!

Adam B
the patches you are using are too big a dose is usually what that means.

When u get used to em you are ok, but remember when you first started smoking??

it used to make me feel a bit lite headed and nauseous, thats just nicotine!!

lorraine j
they are 2 strong a strength 4 u try a lower 1 ok good luck

Stacey K
Try a lower dose. If you're using the ones that are for heavy smokers, drop down to the next level. You're probably just getting too much nicotine. If that doesn't work, talk with your doctor about other options.

yes same thing happened to me there too strong you may need to lower the dose. Good luck and great descision!

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