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o c
Why do my ears have an odor ?

because there is old water logged into your ear and it forms a paste with your ear wax. you need to clean it out with a q tip and keep water out of your ears!!

donny baker
because your hearing to much crap...lolol

Chav Princess
That's strange.....

They say U R what U eat, maybe U been eating something that makes the wax build up in ur ear smell.

J. Charles
Could be backed-up with Wax!
Go get them Syringed!!

you have an ear infection you need an anti-biotic ear drops to clear it up.my daughter went through the same ordeal last week.

you don't wash?...and if you do...do it better...

Either you're not cleansing them thoroughly enough or you have some sort of ear or sinus infection that could be making them smell funny.

Maybe you have an infection.

Memphis Kitten
You need to clean them.

Lionel M
your ears have an infection go see a doctor rightaway

Dear Stinky Ears,
Wash your ears out with a solution of warm water and hydrogen peroxide. Tilt your head to the side and pour a small amount of the solution in. After a few seconds, let it drain out. Hope that helps you. Good luck!

Waxy buildup.

It is possible that you have an ear infection if the smell is coming from the inside of your ears. If it is an odor from taking out earrings, you might want to take your earrings out for a while, clean your ear holes with alcohol, and soak your earrings in alcohol as well. For an odor coming from your ears, go see a doctor and find out if you have an infection in your ears or from your sinuses.

My guess would be that you haven't cleaned them properly.

sniff sniff

well, it's a tiny crevice that stagnant water can collect along with greasey wax and other goo. of course it has an odor. ever try cleaning them out with a qtip? i bet your belly button has an odor as well --- another small crevice. clean that out too.

Three things come to mind immediately: dirt, wax build-up or infection. You can determine if dirt is the problem. Try cleaning with peroxide. If the problem persists, go to the doctor. He/she can remove excess wax and/or address a possible infection.

Dana Katherine
You might have an ear infection, or some ear wax buildup.

Do you use ear plugs? My b/f uses them all the time to sleep and every time he goes to the doctor they dig out a big plug of hair and ear wax. I can definitely see how that stuff would smell.

It could be a couple of things.
Your ears are not draining like they should. Allowing water, shampoo and soap to clog up your ears which can cause a odor. You may have to get a ear clearing kit to flash out all the bad stuff.

You might have an inner ear infection. Are you around heavy smokers?

Lady Tee
If you have pierced ears and never clean them, It can cause an odor from infection and sweat. You should clean your piercings with alcohol or peroxide. Also it could be from sweating behind your ears and dirt build up. When you wash your face in the morning and before bed, you should always wash behind your ears also.

How can you smell them..i can't believe that your nose is that big.

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