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 Whats the most disgusting thing you have ever seen??
I once saw a guy come out of a toilet cubicle and use the hand dryer/blower thingy, yet he didnt wash his hands!!!!

Why wuld you need to dry them if they didnt have water on them??????

 This might be weird, but...?
what side do you usually sleep on: your right side, your left side, your back, or on your stomach?
I can't fall asleep unless I'm sleeping on the right side of my body....

 How can i get taller...? im too short 4"10..is there any way to grow taller?
pls help
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im 17 years ...

 I have a really painful stomach ache with diarrhea. my diarrhea is yellow and creamy and HELP!! what do i do?
my stomach really hurts and i need help i dont know what to do or what it is, i have to go to the bathroom all the time and its been 4 days of these painful grummbles in my stomach. im not throwing ...

 I have one more question...?
what do you do when your worst enemy is spreading rumurs about you, saying you are fat, ugly,the list goeson, and making ALL your friends turn against you?...

 Can you trim your asshairs without cutting yourself?

 What do you do when you are in the restroom and see someone leave without washing their hands?
Do you say anything or maybe make sure they know you saw by giving them a look? It's sooooo freaking NASTY! Girls should know better!
Additional Details
for quietfive: Even if you ...

 How would I go about selling a kidney?

 I can't poo its been 20 days now help me please?
hey i have not poo'ed for 20days now because im trying to hold it in because it hurts to much doctor says just let it come out but i dont want to feel like im pooing out a ball

any ...

 Weird dreams?
Does anyone know a way you can have weird dreams? (other than eating cheese or spicy food)
Additional Details
I'm on a limited budget so drugs aren't an option....:)...

 Do I have have a sleeping disorder?
Sometimes when I'm asleep I get a weird feeling like my brain is being shaken and I can't wake up or move. It usually occurs when I am first falling asleep. I know in my mind that I am ...

 What is the best way to get rid of a severe migraine?
I have severe migraines everyday. I wake up it's there, I go to sleep it's still there. For the past 6 years I have lived with a migraine that never goes away. I've tried all of the ...

 I just sneezed...can someone bless me please?
I've been sneezing for years, but I'm a quiet sneezer, so nobody knows when I sneeze. The way I figure it, I've been shortchanged a lot of "bless you"s in my day because of ...

 Has your stomach ever "grumbled" while you were in class? Why does it do that?
It's so embarrassing and I find that it only happens when I'm really nervous and haven't eaten all day. And it only happens when I'm in class or at a library when its really quiet,...

 Marijuana question?
how long does it take for marijuana to get out of your ...

 For all the ex smokers out there, what method did you use to finally quit smoking for good?
My New Years resolution is to quit for good. I gained twenty pounds during my last two failed attempts, what method worked for you?...

 Is there any way to make me shorter?

 Why are there so many overweight people-don't they care about themselves?
I don't understand why there are so many overweight people. Losing weight isn't hard and wouldn't they want to be healthier and more attractive? I don't understand how they can ...

 What causes cold sores..?
I want to know what causes cold sores and how to prevent them?
Additional Details
I have never had it,but lately I see quite a few of the youths I lead getting them....

 I have really bad pressure under my eyes what is it from??
It hurts under my eyes and i feel ...

Why do men scratch themselves?
Why are men constantly scratching and adjusting themselves? To make it worse, it's like there proud of it. They don't try to do it privately. When they feel the need, they just go for it. WHY???

Because we can.......Besides, you won't allow us to scratch YOU!

why do you scratch your self and if you had somthing between your legs that hurt when they got smushed wouldn't you adjust rather than hurt...not only that they got to sweat more than we do therefor itch more.

Simply because they see others do it, and contribute it to a manly things and those that do that in that in the public eye Just aren't properly house trained, why because their daddies did it and the woman of the house never corrected it. Now when you have a son you just make sure that you train him correctly no matter how many times daddy says leave him alone or let him be a man. You do what is right.

Mike S
if it itches, scratch it!

well, at the point of time when they scratch , it can be an urgent scratch. it can be the itch is too strong to control. it can also be that in the midst of the urgent search for toilet, he cannot control so he scratch on the spot instead.

Karmically Screwed
The same reason I do- there's an itch.

However, if a guy is 'constantly' scratching *lifts eyebrow* could be crabs.

Because their wang needs to be adjusted and the balls get all grody so they need to scratch it. The gross ones do it in public. Probably the same ones that dont was their hands after going to the bathroom

It's a testosterone thing. Same reason why male dogs lick themselves.

When you've gotta scratch, you've gotta scratch!

women also scratch themselves...could it be as simple as it relieves an itch?

cuz they itch

well unlinke women we have to move things around to be more comfortable. after walking around sometimes things get well...... moved around. and men need to adjust them back in to place so to say.

Not all men are obvious about it. I try and be unobtrusive if at all possible. The reason we do it is because sometimes it shifts around in to an uncomfortable position and it needs to be moved. Its kind of hard to explain, but believe me, every now and then it needs to be done. I agree that men who make a big deal out of it are rude.

Well, personally, I don't but sometimes the itch gets real bad and i just got to, if you were in our shoes, it bothers real bad..

And the part whenyou say that htey are ''like proud'' of it, I don't think so, I'm sure no guy is proud of doing it in public, I'm sure they jsut do it becuase the itch bothers them constantly.

When you have a toy you play with it. Mostly because they wear under ware that does not fit properly.

i have no idea. i find t appalling because if we did it then they would be shocked. it as if the have no scruples

men scratch because they itch and if they are scratching down there its because they are sweating down there which is normal

Because they are Itchy!!!!

guys like to gross out girls - any attention is good attention. However, itching down there is common - that stuff just hangs next to bare skin. Who knows how they live with it!

because theyre disgusting men...why else?

It itches. Sue us.

darryl b
something's itchy. hair is being pulled, its in a awkward postion.

Because we enjoy it. We proud of the fact that as dumb as we are, we have something woman need and other man respect..

We scratch because we itch. Most men really are not worried about social niceties. The only reason we behave is to impress women. If we are not trying to impress you, we do not care!

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