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Why do i wake up feeling tired no matter how much sleep i get?

You could be getting too much sleep...

That's the way I felt when I was depressed.

It's only natural, if you're depressed, to feel that way.

But it might be wise to seek some counseling. It helped me

feel a little better and less guilty about feeling the way I did.

Oh yeah! Sleep apnea, too........lol I completely forgot about that.

The most dangerous possibility has already been mentioned... sleep apnea. Do you snore? People who snore are more likely to have sleep apnea. Either way get checked by your doctor. You could just be a restless sleeper. It's not deadly, but still won't allow you to get all the sleep you need. Your doctor can refer you a place that does sleep studies where you can be properly diagnosed.

Georgia Girl
Drop the sugar that you eat..that helped me. Also your potassium could be low..especially if you feel tired all day long. Sounds like time for a physical.

If this is an ongoing problem then I thing a visit to your doctor is in order. There in something within your system that is causing the tiredness.

Because you need more excercise and you need to drink way more water and cut out softdrinks and coffee. Eat fruit instead! You'll see your energy level rise!

Chad the UU
This could depend on how well you sleep. Is your mattress comfortable? How late do you go to bed. How much time do you get. 6-7 hours a nite is what I try to get. And how much stress are you under? All these and many more factors contribute to restless sleep which can make you tired in the morning.

there can lots of reasons why you are tired all of the time. sometimes oversleeping can make you tired also. try to start getting 8 hours of sleep only. try to exercise, doesn't sound possible right now, but it will bring your metabolism up. if there is a medical reason, being low in iron can cause that. try a multivitamin with iron. being dehydrated also makes you tired, drink as much H2O as you can. if you are dehydrated, try half H2O half Gatorade it does wonders. if none of this work please see a doctor. there are alot of illnesses that may not be obvious that you could have that a doc could help with. get better.

you may have sleep apnea?

you may have sleep aponea, check it out,.look it up on a medical site, it will tell you the symptoms

Too much sleep actually weakens your body. I believe you need to exercise and eat properly. Start eating healthy, like fruits, vegetable, grains, oatmeal, etc. Throw out fats and junk foods. This way you give the minerals that your body needs, I'm sure will boost your energy. You won't feel tired like this anymore. If you smoke or drinking, you need to quit them too.

Your bed may be old and uncomfortable.
You may be waking from noise, light, your partner tossing and turning etc.
You may have stress that keeps you worried even in your sleep.

Try Melatonin, it's over the counter, and perfectly natural. And then eliminate any of the other above problems.

Beyond that, it might be you need to go to a sleep clinic. You could have sleep apnea - where your body forgets to breathe during sleep and you wake up a little to begin breathing.

princess angel 2207
because you are sleeping too much or too little... also go to the doctor and check if you have a thyroid problem, or if you are overweight than can be a reason..

You might have sleep apnea, where you are waking up repeatedly all night due to not breathing. You should have this checked by your doctor. It's a dangerous thing, and could lead to your death.

Don't sleep too much

try getting a better bed

might also be a thyroid issue. a friend of mine has been having the same problem and it turns out she has a thyroid goiter.

check out www.webmd. com to do some extra sympton checking.

you might try adding a bit of exercise to your routine.

lloyd s
u role around in your sleep that's what makes u tired

Lil Sexy @ 44
You could have thyroid problems. Hypothyroid

your body is probably not on a "time clock", do you sleep at differnt times and different amounts each time? that would be why

It could be that you're breathing isn't right while you're sleeping. If you have something like sleep apnea, it can make it feel like you've run a marathon when you've woken up instead of rested like you should.

Your doctor can give you a test, such as oxygen saturation while you sleep and can determine if you're have breathing problems. Give them a call. It's really common unfortunately and they'll know what to do. If they're not very responsive, call another doctor until you find one that takes you seriously!

Good luck :)

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