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i dont have menopuase im 19....

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GOODBYE written on the bullet
Why do i like blood?
whenever i get cut i lick at the blood. i think it tastes really good. sometimes i even cut shallow cuts in my arm and lick the blood from it. why is that? btw im not some wanna be vampire i honestly like it =P

Kelli T
Are u a goth? that's wierd don't do that that's why u don't got no bf.

Molly Amandine
Yeah, I think blood is awesome!!
And I'm not a vampire.


Seriously though, It's really tasty.

Ryuu [ Dream ]
I am a vampire...

but you prolly have a illness
I heard somthing like that before where people like blood the taste of theres and others
its weird....
I drink them dry though xD

Well, maybe you need to lick other things from now on.


Kitty Lucy
I do that sometimes. It is natural to lick your wounds. But, please stop cutting yourself for the sake of licking your blood. Don't do that. Hehehe, Vampire, that's cute!!!

I think everyone licks thier own blood from a cut. Natural reaction.

Helen B
blood is very high in iron buy some tablets and lick them if you dont like the taste its probly the high you get from licking acual blood therefir making you one of thise wanabe vampire ppl

you have sugar in ur blood
it's also a natural reaction

married with children
Get your head examined!!

you probably have an iron deficiency. you crave nutrients your body needs and blood has a very strong iron flavor. talk to a doctor about iron supplements.

Rock Star
You may not be a vampire now but were you one in a previous life - it sounds like it to me!

If you feel the urge to cut yourself with the intent of drinking your own blood it is often referred to as an obsession and the act of doing so is labeled compulsion.

If you are worried about this or if it dramatically effects your life, then you can seek the assistance of a trained professional, or simply build a counter obsession. Many highly functioning people live with OCD and use this technique to overcome the negative effects of the disorder and use it to benefit themselves.

Think of how much will power you would need to stop yourself from doing this. If you have any other addictions think how much will power you would need to resist them. The majority of people in our society deal with addiction everyday and they usually deal with it by succombing to it.

If you can overcome you can pride yourself it your strength of will, and be a strong successful individual.

Live well. Evolve.

Recently I saw a report on people who require blood (from almost raw animal meat), some say it could be some sort of mental disease.

I'm guessing you probably like rare steak? Am I right?

Liz S
are you kidding me. its ok but not that great

you got angelina jolie syndrome

a wanna be vampire? you are a real vampire!

Amber B
might wanna see a psychologist.

u have like serious issues
get help

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