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Why do i have bug bites when i wake up in the morning?
when i wake up, i have like 3 new bug bites each morning.....y? what could it be. it's like totally pink. could a mosquito do this? wat could it be?? im going to wash my bed covers and spray bug spary in my room ,but i want to noe wat this bug is........is it even a bug?

chela g

are there tiny little blood marks on your sheets?

If so, then you have a big problem of bed bugs :(

Liquid Snake
It's totally pink doesn't describe it well. It may be a mosquito bite, I get those all the time. Darn mosquitos are everywhere this time of year.

Spiders perhaps

It may be bed bugs.... Yuck or Fleas do you have cats or dogs

Could be spiders or even worse, bed bugs have made a huge comeback. Have you stayed in a hotel or elsewhere recently ? They hitchhike in luggage even !

Yung C
you probably have spiders or mosquitos in your house,you should hire an exterminator.

George Lopez
might be possible that there are fleas around ur room

Scotty W
It's more than likely spider bites. I sometimes have the same thing happen. And I have no pets or anything. Nothing major.

i think it's interesting that it's always 3 bites....
maybe you have bed bugs. i saw a recent report that bed bugs are becoming more prevalent in recent years. or maybe fleas, ticks, mites. it doesn't sound like mosquitos... they don't bite in 3's that i'm aware of. but if i were you i think i'd have the bites looked at by a doctor.... how do you know they're bug bites? could it be a rash of some sort?

♥♥pretty eyez♥♥
there is probably a very small bug thats in your house and you cant see, it happens all the time or, like me you think that there are nests in the house so be very cautious and dont be near to sweets cuz thats wat nats or bugs you probably are reffering to like!

the same thing happend to me but i killed the mosquito but u may have bed bugs they eat away at your skin and if you do you need new sheets new conferder and a new mattress get temperdic because bed bugs and dust mights cant get into it

new nassa created materils can u belive it! . .

There actually are true life bed bugs the discovery ch had a special. (I recommend to wash your covers a couple times spray mattress with disinfectant and flip, maybe spray around and behind to.) There also is a very small bug called red bug you wont be able to see when on you but once on it leaves a red bump that Itch's. But the only way to obtain those are to be in or near high grass or certain trees.

this may sound gross, but you need to wash your sheets pronto because it sounds like you have bed bugs

Sounds like mosquito or another insect. If you live in the tropics, there could be the tiny ants. Sleep under a mosquito netting if you can hear them buzzing in your room.

It could be either, fleas, mosquitos, or small spiders, that's basically it for the most common of small bites that occur in the night while sleeping.

do u have animals? they could also be fleas, i use to get that when i was younger

miz Destiny
your mattress is probably the source

Do you have a pet that sleeps in your room, maybe even On your bed?

You can try various treatments , change the mattress or get a new bed

its most likely a spider bite...

Mikey Boy
bed bugs. Although they seem like a myth. They are not. Next time you go to bed, pull the covers and sheets off the bed until the last sheet is left. Look for small little brown bugs. If you find them you may need to change your matress and sheets.

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