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Why do i feel so dizzy when i wake up?
When i get out of bed im bumping into stuff, dropping stuff, but only for about an hour.
Additional Details
im not pregnant.

Do you drink enough water during the day. Sometimes morning dizziness is due to dehydration.

Crystal C
do you also wake up a little congested, that could plug up you ears throwing off your equal Librium

Betsy B
I tooo have that sort of problem [dizziness].

you probably get up too quickly??? that's what happen to me usually

You are probably dehydrated ,you may have high blood pressure,or may be anemic.What every the case is , drink fresh water and tell your doctor about your concerns.Taking a multi vitamin wouldn't hurt.I would suggest a pre natal pill,you don't have to be pregnant to take them they are loaded with vitamins and minerals your body needs as well they help your nails and hair grow.

Tina Z
low blood pressure

same here. Mine doesnt last an hour but I usually just wash my face with cold water and I feel fine

When you wake up in the morning, you haven't had anything to eat or drink for up to 8 hours, so many times you are dehydrated and your blood sugar is low. The symptoms of both of these things is dizziness or lightheadness as well as clumsiness. Try drinking a glass of juice first thing in the morning and see if that helps clear it up. (The juice has to have some sugar in it of course-- like orange or apple juice)

probably from laying in bed too long maybe your blood sugar is too low.Also your ears could be clogged too. see your doctor for real advice.

If you are not pregnant then this could be the begging of Vertigo. Witch is a real problem. Ive had this for over 4 years now. And if it is Vertigo you better get something done now before it becomes extream Vertigo. My Vertigo is extream and they can't do anything for it I have to live with it ever day........

van kedileri
low blood pressure and dehydration

Don't worry, you're normal. You are not dizzy, but the things around you are... (don't blame them, they are happy you woke up).

Could be possible high blood pressure or some sort of sleep apnea. I say run - don't walk- to the doctor.

Your blood sugar may be low, try a glass of orange juice, if that helps then you need to get your blood sugar checked out.Usually if that is a problem, a certain kind of diet will fix the problem.

I used to have the same problem.

You could have diabetes, dehydration, or problems with your blood pressure.

Drink more water during the day: At least that won't hurt you. And when you wake up, take your time sitting and getting up. Keep in mind that a bunch of your body's systems are behing revved from a (somewhat) dormant state to full activity so you can expect to be a bit slow at first.

You'll need to talk to a doctor in case you have other health problems contributing to your early-morning clumsiness.

Good luck!

pregnant...morning sickness.....

Fantasy Kel
You can try putting a candy bar by your bed, when you wake up, eat it before you stand up. You may have low blood sugar when you first wake up. Seeing your doctor would be a good thing to do. maybe there are some tests they can run to check for high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc.

When you sleep, your blood pressure goes down. Waking up sends it rushing back to normal or high which makes you feel dizzy.

Some people have to pay for that kind of high. Don't question your gifts.

yea it could be from dehydration

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