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Why do i feel sick and hot and shaky and only begin to feel better when i have something sweet to eat?
Its an awful feeling my heart beats really fast and i feel faint, does anyone out there know what it is

chocolitis! whilst watching the latest james bond.

you could have diabetes, go to your doctor and ask for your sugar levels to be tested

could be diabetes, u should see your doctor asap and get a blood sugar test.

Diabetes. Get to a doctor now.

Diabetes I expect or a sugar addiction.

Diabetes? Go see a doctor.

its hypoglycemia.
better see a doctor quick.

Yes, prediabetes or diabetes. The combination of symptoms you describe is called hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. You will find hypoglycemic episodes such as these a part of the pattern of the diabetes process. You need to see your Dr. about this soon. The only way to get a proper diagnosis is to undergo a 3-5 hour glucose tolerance test. Some will tell you they can achieve a diagnosis of diabetes with just a fasting glucose test. Don't believe it. Get the 3 hr. test at least. The wrong thing to do is to eat something sweet when you feel this way. Protein such as peanut butter, cheese, etc. is much better for you. Eating simple sugar will certainly make you feel better faster, but you will get a "rebound effect" in about an hour. That means your blood sugar will go up quickly and then back down quickly. A protein will cause your bs to go up gradually but will prevent the quick drop. Make that Dr. appt. now.

Baby Dolls
Could be diabetes or you're addicted to chocolate.

I know just how that feels and it is horible

You have LOW blood sugar.

a glass of milk and a couple of biscuits
quickly, helps you feel better ,
followed this ,with a meal , to boost up your sugar levels

Go and see your Doctor for advice as soon as you can .

Lil Angel 68
I am not a doctor or anything like that but have you check to see if you are a diabetic?
and then it may not be that serious you may have just got a thing for sugar or something like that but If I were you I would go see a doctor and explain it just like that to them................................

its ur sugar levels thats down, thats y wen u dont have a any at all it runs ur energy down so havin sugar helps to to feel much more better and also cures ur worst mood wen ur low on sugar

get a diabetes check fast !!!

Mystic Magic
you could be diabetic go see your nurse / gp

david g

Go see a doctor, sounds like you might have diabetes. I could be wrong, but what you are suffering from doesn't sound normal.

go to a doctor and get a thorough work up including tests for heart disease, diabetes or thyroid disease. good luck!

sounds like low sugar levels i get it often as i don't have enough sugar in my diet. get it checked at the doctor maybe change your diet slightly and have more sugar in it.

could be diabetes


Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

Andromeda Newton™
This happens to me all the time. After going to the docs a number of times i was kept in hospital for a week as they tested my fasting sugar over and over. Unlike the majority of my family who are diabetic i have pancreatitis which is where the pancreas creates too much insulin. I deal with it by eating little and often during the day so i don't get shaky. but then when i was pregnant i had gestational diabetes. it has been suggested that i will, in the near future have diabetes myself due to its hereditory nature and my past.

I would however recommend you go to the doctors and get a fasting blood test done. this will show once and for all if you are diabetic and if not pursue it with the doc. just make sure you have a high sugar snack on hand on a regular basis in the meantime!

I get this occasionally too. Most likely it is caused by your sugar level dropping too low. Now this is not diabetes - diagnosed when your sugar level is too high (>11.1 mmol/l (UK) for instance). A low sugar level can be anything below what is normal for you and to cause symptoms as you describe. Do you eat healthily and regularly? do you keep regular hours (shift work)? do you drink to excess prior to these symptoms occurring?
You should eat something, something sweet and something substantial - a sandwich. and try to avoid things that cause these problems. My problems are that I do shift work and eat at various - sometimes unhealthily - times of the day, and even occasionally forget to eat (yes it is possible).

It is also possible that these symptoms are caused by an anxiety attack, and the eating of a sweet substance relaxes you. Could be caused by the same triggers as before and / or stress.

If you can't find out what the triggers are go and have a chat with your Doctor and see what they say. Also if you know any diabetics, get them to check your sugar level for you next time you feel that way.

good luck

What are symptoms of hypoglycemia, and how low is too low?

The body’s biochemical response to hypoglycemia usually starts when sugars are in the high/mid 60’s. At this point, the liver releases its stores and the hormones mentioned above start to activate. In many patients, this process occurs without any clinical symptoms.

While there is some degree of variability among people, most will usually develop symptoms suggestive of hypoglycemia when blood glucose levels are lowered to the mid 50’s. The first set of symptoms are called neuro-genic (or sympathetic) because they relate to the nervous system’s response to hypoglycemia. Patients may experience any of the following;

intense hunger,
palpitations, and
often have trouble speaking.
In most patients, these symptoms are easily recognizable. The vast majority of patients with diabetes only experience this degree of hypoglycemia if they are on medications or insulin. Patients (diabetic or with insulin resistance) with high circulating levels of insulin who fast or lower their carbohydrate intake drastically should also be cautioned. These patients may also experience modest hypoglycemia.

Anyone who has experienced an episode of hypoglycemia describes a sense of urgency to eat and resolve the symptoms. And, that’s exactly the point of these symptoms. They act as warning signs. At this level, the brain still can access circulating blood glucose for fuel. The symptoms provide a person the opportunity to raise blood glucose levels before the brain is affected.

If a person does not or cannot respond by eating something to raise blood glucose, the levels of glucose continue to drop. Somewhere in the 45 mg/dl range, most patients progress to neuro-glyco-penic ranges (the brain is not getting enough glucose). At this point, symptoms progress to confusion, drowsiness, changes in behavior, coma and seizure.

Maybe a problem with your insulin levels, diabetic related, see a doctor to get a urine test.

I get this but with me its for carbohydarates not sweets. I have been checked for diabites and it was negative.
It is when your body has hit a low, with you a suger low by the sounds of it, and requires something to pick it up.

sugar low - try to avoid them by eating slow release carbohydrates such as baked potatoes, brown bread, brown rice. Try to avoid quick fixes like sweets and chocolates as the blood sugar quickly rises and then craves more

Granny 1
You may have low blood sugar, but this needs to be checked soon, call your Dr explain what you are feeling and make an appt. ASAP

You may be hypoglycemic. Go to your family doctor for blood work, and be sure to describe how you feel during those episodes.

Carrie S
I get this occasionally, it's nothing to worry about. It's just your blood sugar dropping. Just pop some sweets or cakes in and rest for a bit and you'll be fine after. I get it about 3 times a year, usually when I've been very busy and stressed.

It does NOT mean you have diabetes.

Low sugar level.
May be worth having a diabetes check with the doctor, but this can be hormonal.

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