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Why do I yawn so much ?
I really hate it when I repeatedly yawn and yawn


hey i have an idea!!!! go to sleep.


*adrianna *
because your tired
the people around you yawn alot

alittle bit longr n ill b fine
when you yawn it means your gasping for air NOT that your tired... i learned that in school in like 6th grade

Brianna P
you yawn also when u see someone else yawn.

Thats.. pretty normal. Just dont think about yawning. Maybe you won't so much.
and maybe you're tired.. or you could be just plain bored.


Nick J is off da Chain <3
you are tired. ? woah. that was weird i just yawned.

didn't get enough sleep

I yawn a lot when i'm nervous. I dunno if this happens to anyone else, but are you nervous or apprehensive about anything?

Yawning is contagious...FACT

maybe you eat like crap, so you have low blood sugar. Eat healthy, and exercize, and you wil have more energy

You may be getting too much or too little sleep. You need to find the exact amount your body needs. Also, you might try getting some more exercise.

Jacob A
Yawning is a reaction to dehydration or heat stroke it is meant to cool the brain by rushing blood and other fluids to the brain to make it stop drink plenty of water make sure you have a good breakfast and lunch and don't sit out in the sun so much i had the same thing and thats how i god rid of it

Well it's because you are tired. Try to get some rest so you aren't so tired all the time. Sleep more than you are now by like an hour or two or 3 etc because if you stay up late then that makes you tired. so get more rest and you won't be so tired all the time. but you can drink caffine but it might not make you more awake. but it may help you don't get addicted lol

maybe you are just tired or bored.

maybe you tired

Try taking several deep breaths through your mouth and out your nose. Yawning is an involuntary reflex of the diaphragm that occurs when you are fatigued. You may be breathing shallower than normal if you are overly tired and it's your body's way of telling you it needs more oxygen. (Stop partying so hard and get more sleep :O) )

The reason people yawn is a lack of oxygen. Try to make a conscious habit of breathing deeply.


♥ νιcкιєє

Kershundra C
Studies have shown that people who yawn constantly have a deficiency in oxygen in the body. The heart is affected by this because it isn't able to perform it's job by oxygenating the body effectively. The best way to relieve this is to improve your posture and consider losing a little bit of weight. Hope this helps.

M & M
Are you getting enough rest? If not that could be why. And another could be lack of water. No matter how much sleep you get if you don't drink plenty of water it can make your body feel drained and tired. Also lack of exercise believe it or not can drain you.

cuz you're either bored, sleepy or tired

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