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Mr. Lahey
Why do I get panic and anxiety attacks when I smoke pot?

Ahmad B
its a drug it destroys brain cells and you can die within 3 years of smoking it

you shouldn't smoke pot....

Writer Girl

Because you shouldn't smoke pot. It only magnifies problems.

bob P11
Your question is one of the most ridiculous I have ever read!

For God's sake, and your own, don't smoke pot!

Because you feel convicted and guilty.

becouse it is bad for you and there are things in it that toy with your brain putting false sunarieos in you head that set of reactions in your brain one of which is an anxiety attack.

tony arena
you probably are prone to them to begin with...let me guess...you get high, then like you think about something, from out of the blue, and then get hung up on it till your heart pounds and you sweat and know nothing to calm you down...

just dont try psychodelics, or you'll really goover the edge...

music junkie
Cuz your a wuss


Ms. Taurus
I've never touched that stuff...but having had anxiety attacks as a kid, I can say that your body is probably not having a good reaction to something you should not be putting in it anyhow. Anxiety problems can be caused by a chemical problem in the brain and the introduction of this other chemical is probably not a good thing and it's causing the reaction that is does, or the drug chemical is inducing your brain to react similarly.

Paranoia...Possible side effect of the good herb.

Get out your iPod, blast the mellow music, and stop thinking so much. As you get more used to channeling your thinking into positive thoughts, you won't need the distracting music as much.

Another tip: stop sitting around so much and doing nothing after you smoke. Watch TV, listen to music, do yard work, wash dishes, etc. Don't allow your mind to go wherever it wants.

Because thats the way you react to it? And if thats the way you react to it, why bother?

Some people do get paranoid when smoking pot. I don't know the medical reasons for it. My experience was to give it up.

its cause your not actually in control of your body when your high, your body does and say things out of the usual, because i was shaking like a retard when i did it but yeah. i guess dude just dont get caught

because it raises your heart rate and changes your brain activity.

Fear of getting caught.
Interruption of normal respiratory processes.

Why not just stop?

Maybe you're allergic. Stop smoking pot. Problem solved.

J Doe
Because the THC levels in it are considered a mind altering drug, which makes it illegal. You are experiencing paranoia from the guilt of knowing it's wrong. It's all part of the high. Just keep in mind that it is God made and not man made. No additives or preservatives. It's the only drug in the world that is natural & not poison. Calm down by knowing that.

Hope you dont mine just some ionfo id like ppl to be aware of
If you haven't been diagnosed as having either panic attacks and/or anxiety or an anxiety disorder, it is important that you don't self diagnose. This must be done by either your doctor or by a mental health professional.

Panic attacks and anxiety can mimic a number of physical conditions, and it is important for you to discuss your symptoms with your doctor so that a full medical assessment can be made.

If you feel that you are experiencing panic attacks and/or anxiety and you cannot receive clarification from your doctor, remember that you can seek a second opinion from another doctor or a mental health professional.

Our website provides information only about panic attacks, anxiety and anxiety disorders and this cannot be used for self diagnosis. You are most welcome to print out any of the information from our website and give it to your doctor for evaluation if you wish.

The Disorders

There are five major Anxiety Disorders and it is not unusual for people to experience symptoms of more than one Anxiety Disorder at the same time. e.g. a person with panic disorder may also have symptoms of social anxiety and/or some symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Panic Disorder is the fear of having a spontaneous panic attack. The intensity of the attack can be extremely severe and many people feel they are having a heart attack and/or are going to die or are going insane. It is not unusual for people to become fearful and chronically anxious about having another one.

Social Anxiety is the experience of fear, anxiety and/or panic in social situations where people think they may embarrass themselves or may make a fool of themselves in some way.

Acute Stress Disorder /Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the experience, or witness of, or confrontation with an event or events that involved actual or threatened death, or serious injury, or threat of physical injury of self or others. While people with PTSD can experience panic attacks, the major feature of PTSD is the reliving of the event/s through dreams and/or or nightmares or flashbacks.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the experience of obsessive, unwanted thoughts and/or compulsive behaviours that may include rituals which can markedly interfere with day to day living. This can include repetitive behaviours such as cleaning, checking, counting, repeating words silently, or hand washing, e.g. a person who has a fear of contamination (from germs) may wash their hands repeatedly.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder is persistence and excessive anxiety or worry which is experienced for six months or more about events or activities which may or may not happen.

Panic Attacks

People can experience panic attacks with any of the above disorders. Three different types of panic attacks are now recognised:

Spontaneous panic attacks (uncued panic attacks) This particular panic attack is associated to Panic Disorder. This attack comes without any warning, day or night, irrespective of what the person is doing. The spontaneous attack is not related to, and is not induced by any particular situation or place. Many people can be woken from sleep with this type of attack.

Specific panic attacks (cued panic attacks) These occur in relation to specific feared situations or places. For example social situations for people with Social Anxiety. Revisiting the scene or scenes reminiscent of the traumatic events in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or exposure to a particular anxiety producing situation in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder such as being exposed to germs.

Situational predisposed panic attacks People with Panic Disorder may experience this type of attack. Some people with Panic Disorder can be predisposed to having panic attacks in certain situations or places, although they are not frightened of the situation or place. For example someone may experience panic attacks while driving their car. Sometimes they will have them, other times they won't. They are predisposed to having attacks while driving, but the attacks are not a response to a fear of driving.

Symptoms of panic attacks can include palpitations, sweating, trembling or shaking, sensations of shortness of breath or smothering, feeling of choking, chest pain or discomfort, nausea or abdominal distress, dizziness or light-headedness, derealisation or depersonalisation, fear of losing control or going 'crazy', fear of dying, paresthesia, and chills or hot flushes'.... 'Attacks that have fewer than four symptoms are referred to as 'limited - symptom attacks.'

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