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Why do I get dizzy when I stand up?
I don't know if I have felt this before and ignored it until now. I don't know if "dizzy" is the right word.

I am, say, reading a book, or working on my laptop while on my bed and my pillows. Then I stand up and walk to the kitchen to get some water. While I'm walking, my sight gets a little blurry. Maybe not exactly blurry, but as if I could not focus my eyes. Then it goes back to normal when I keep walking.

I know I should see a doctor, but please tell me if you think that's normal or if you know what it could be.

Mrs. Nick Jonas
get glasses.

you drunk by any chance? that may be the situations if u drink to much.

nancy botwin
while ur reading or on ur laptop try an keep a snack by you..eat sumthing while ur sitting down so much see if that helps..good luck

I'm not sure if that is normal, but if you are worried you should see your doctor. Best to know.

Mabey its because u have spend a lot of time in the computer or because u need glasses but you should go check about it with a doctor.It might even be normal!:)

bc blood is rushing from your head too fast when you stand up

misty c
normal its just cus blood is rushing to you r brain when you move

you get up 2 quickly

Please Answer my questions :)
you drink to much, or you keep spinning around!
see an eye doc.

I dunno, but I sometimes get that if I stand up too quickly. Headrush or something. I wouldn't worry too much unless it's chronic.

Your blood pressure drops a little. That is why that happens. Happens to me all the time.

it happens to me, im guessing from the sudden shift in position, try just getting up slowly, that tends to do the trick

it's beacuse your blood rushes to your feet beacuse of gravity, so your brain isn't getting enough blood. if you do it quick enough you'll black out.

After any lengthy time of sitting, reading, or general relaxing, can cause this. It's because of a a sudden drop in blood pressure (which decreases blood floor to the brain) if it's only when you quickly stand up. Mention it to your Doctor, the only real way to help is to just stand up slower.
Anemia, heart rhythm abnormalities, general weakness such as from lack of adequate nutrition or hydration could cause that as well as other conditions or just chronic dizziness might be possible problems. But I doubt its anything abnormal. :)

Michael S
Usually this happens when you stand up after sitting or laying down for a long time; blood rushes out of your brain for a brief moment because your heart needs to pump harder when you are standing. This causes the dizziness, or in extreme cases, fainting.


This condition is also known as orthostatic hypotension.

That happens to me too. It means you're not drinking enough water.

bam bam
Are you taking any meds. If so that could be what is effecting you.

Shelbie B
Your just light headed!
If you get up and you feel "dizzy" just sit back down and stand up more slowly.

Hannah Doll
I think you get what I get. Yeah I agree with you, it's not really 'dizzy'. This always happens to me after I've been in a really relaxed quiet state for a long time. I don't think that it's anything to be concerned about, it's probably just an adjust to a different state. You and I are probably not the only ones it happens to.

yeah! that happend to me too! and i like can't see for a minute!! i think that's cause the blood doesn't get to your head fast enough.

Ur standing up too fast

Mark S
oh, that happens to me all the time like when i am watching tv then i stand up and i feel all dizzy and see colors and stuff. its normal its just the air pressure, i think it also means tat you need to drink more water:actually

Team Edward!
This happens when people stand up to fast, and all of the blood rushes from the brain.

Crazy Jarvis
theres a liquid in your brain that squelches around due to the angle of your head and if you get up to fast or without your brain expecting it then it can just make you dizzy because the organ that senses this liquids position cant tell if your stnading up or lieing down. this is the same if your drunk, the organ gets confused so ties to make you fix the angle at which you stand, normally ending in a little fall

Babi Mya
I get that all of the time, it is totally and completely normal, sometimes you get it if you are laying down too long, or if you get up too fast, it is normal, just take it easy. Sometimes tylenol or ibuprofen help, even though it is likely that you are not sick.E-mail me if you have questions

Canadian Frankkie •♥JBP♥•
Its probably just a head rush. i get them all the time. its usualy when your sitting down for a long period of time, then you get up. You see like a bunchof blurry fuzzy colors and feel like your going to fall over right? I've fainted at least 5 times because of a headrush. its really fun, because you dont feel anything when you fall. but its not good! hah..

Try drinking more water! that might help


This so happens to me too. I think it has to do with a lack of oxygen going to your brain and the altitude/presure. It happens to me all the time. You may need more iron and more sleep and more cardiovascular exercise. I think its normal though unless it happens like 50 times a day.

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