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Why do I feel so tired and lethargic at the moment?
I also never feel refreshed after a nights sleep which is worrying me. I've been to the doctors though and recently had blood tests for Glandular fever and a few regular other things, but they came back negative.

The only thing that did come back was that my red blood cells were slightly undersize. I'm still waiting on more results from tests, but I am concerned, especially as I'm always looking tired and yawning at work etc and worried that people are just going to think I'm lazy. What could be wrong with me?

Ju U

try sleeping

You haven't discovered why you were born yet.

Passion is the fuel of those who've found out.


Claw deeper!

Moe C
well i dont either and im not sure why. the only time i feel rested is if i sleep for 10 or more hours and wake up on my own. so try sleeping as long as you can, and if you are tired then go back to sleep. i dont think there is anything wrong with you. how many hours a day do you sleep

Cut out drinking caffeine after noon. Also, you probably need more exercise. You can't sleep well if your body isn't tired. Exercise 30-60 minutes every day. Lose weight if you are overweight - that causes a lot of sleep apnea that wakes people up all through the night and leaves them tired in the morning. Make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet. Run a fan if you have noises that bother you. If you have pets - keep them out of the bedroom at night, they are more disruptive than you think. If anything major was wrong with you the doctors would have found it. Take a hard look at your lifestyle and see what you can change there to better your life. Good luck.

i feel your pain

do u have a regular routine that you stick too even on weekends?

the body works on a 24 hour cycle so lying in too much and then getting up early on monday could leave you sleepy because your body clock has been disturbed and thus you build up a 'sleep debt'

i feel your pain

Nom De Plume
>>> for red blood cells, eat veggies, liver, protein-rich foods

>>> to feel refreshed, don't oversleep nor lose any; exercise will be good for you to make you feel energized.

>>> SOMETIMES IT'S ONLY IN THE MIND. be positive about things. enjoy what you do. nice music would invite goody feelings sometimes.

jacqueline g
its sounds like a b12 deficiency

well I don't know where you are or your time zone. but around the afternoon the body naturally begins to slow down, and a nap is needed or you feel sleepy around that time. also if you have a big meal that would make you drowsy. do you drink coffee or energy drinks thats a lot of caffiene if you drink those (this includes tea and coffee even decafe has some caffiene in them) you will have lots of energy or a couple of hours then there will be a sharp drop in your energy level once all the energy generated from that caffiene source is used up. and you'll feel like lead. you should eat small amounts of carbohydrate throughout the day to keep you blood sugar regulated and energy level suspended over time instead of just dumping all the carbs onto your system at once. so eat a little something through out the day and take a power nap when possible. and if your blood sugar levels are fine then just take a closer look at your diet maybe its diet related as in the amount and type of carbs you are taking in.

What are you eating?

One of the biggest culprits to a poor energy level is poor diet,

Have you been tested for hypothyroidism? Tiredness is one of the main symptoms of an under-active thyroid.


I had this about 18 months ago, even nights with a reasonable sleep, I still felt shattered all day, I felt weak and lost interest in most things in my life, they tested me for glandular also as well as them certain I had diabetes, thankfully I did not have that but if I had at least I would have known. Eventually some basic Iron tablets got me back to myself fairly quickly, but ask your Dr first. Hope you feel better

you are anxious ,

John M
You should get a sleep test. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, the condition where you actually stop breathing, which wakes you up momentarily, so you really don't get a good sleep. With the CPAP machine, I sleep lots better and no longer feel like you do. Give it a try ... they can diagnosis it with one overnight stay at a hospital sleep center.

foo i know what u feel n i was reading those answers
n u probably have aneamia i have it!

not cool.


yeah u should take iron tablets!
im taking them i havent seen results i still feel all tired n dont even
do u feel dizzy???
wanna go out but, jus try it!! hope my anwer helps!!



This may sound daft but are you drinking enough water?
Dehydration can lead to the symptoms you describe.

iron deficiency (anaemia) will do that to you. Take a look at your diet. Is it high in caffeine, sugar, alcohol or fatty foods etc? That can make you feel lethargic.

Also try some light exercises too...get the blood flowing - could make you feel better.

Wait for the rest of your results, take some exercise to get the blood puming round your body, this will generate energy, eat fruit veg ,meat etc.

If you are depressed this can be side effects?

budda m
how old are you and how much exercise do you do? Could be your mental tiredness vs physical tiredness are out of wack!

Hugh G. Rection
stop eating so much cheese

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