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Why do I feel light-headed everytime I get up from laying or sitting down?
Every time I get up from my bed or a seat, I immediately feel light-headed and start to black out a little bit. This happens EVERY time. I'm well aware this is because of the blood flow to the brain, but this hasn't been happening until about 2 months ago. And it continues to become more frequent and more severe. I'm still young, still in my teens as a matter of fact, so I don't understand where this could come from so suddenly.

your heart is compensating for the increased amount of gravity on your circulatory system after standing up and distorting your body's equilibrium, so it has to pump harder, resulting in a light-headed feeling.

So... you could have developed heart problems? or bad eating habits... or your heart's not as healthy as it used to be.

Its low blood pressure. Go to the doctor, they will check your blood pressure and they may give you medication. It is better to stand up slowly and stay still for a minute or two. Hold onto something in case you do fall.

Do you get up fast, because that will make you light headed, the black out is occuring with the light headed affect its all connected. I suggest you see a doctor if it gets any worse.

<3 <3 <3
MEEE 2!!! and i have no clue!

Have your blood pressure checked

Could be the blood rushing to your head, a sinus infection but more than likely it's an inner ear infection. Doctor can clear it right up with meds. Hope you feel better soon!

Zippy D
Are you getting up too quickly? It occasionally happens to me when I don't get up too fast, but that's rare. Usually when I'm ill. Not sure, you should consult a doctor about that. There could be something potentially dangerous about it. So yeah, head to a doctor, just in case. :)

Mack C
hmm happens to me to but not like that

i get the same reaction it's typacially normal in a way, but i suggest that you still go see a doctor!!!

You're pregnant! Congrats.

No, I'd say go to the doctor. People can tell you what can cause dizzy spells, but only a doctor can tell you what specific problem it is for YOU.

I'd say get checked out. Sorry i'm not much help!

That might be caused by an Iron defficiency; you might want to think about going to a doctor, or talking to your school nurse.

Same thing happens to me once and awhile and has for as long as I can remember. Get your blood pressure checked as it could be low. There is nothing wrong with having low blood pressure you just need to make sure to stay hydrated.

being 15 % dehidrated can cause that among other things.
get up slowly
raise your arms when that happens allows more blood floww to the brain.

You better do more sports.

happens to me too, as you said every time.
mine is due to high Cholesterol, hense high blood pressure.

drink tons of water, all day, every day, and in about 3 days you will feel better.
do NOT eat fatty foods.

It happens to me a lot. Usually for me it's because I'm just relaxing and all of a sudden I'm making quick movement, which for some odd reason gives me a headache and the "blacking out" simulation.

Honey, maybe u have low blood pressure. The same thing happened to me. I didn't have anything done about it because it wasn't too serious. But if ur really worried please go and see ur doctor. He/she will be able to tell u what's wrong and if it's anything to worry about. Low blood pressure can be almost as bad as high blood pressure. U may also be slightly dehydrated. If u have headaches as well then that could be the case. Have plenty of water on hand to drink.
Good luck, love. Hope u feel better soon.

It's called orthostatic hypotension and it could be from numerous things such as low blood volume, dehydration, anemia, etc.
You really should report this to your doctor before it gets worse. You could black out and cause some serious damage to yourself.
Until then try to rise slowly. If you have been lieing down, sit up for a minute or two before standing and when you stand from a sitting postion, do it slowly.

I have the same problem. My doctor ran a test on me. He told me what the condition was...It was one of those long medical terms. So I do not remember the term. My pulse would jump 30 or more from laying to sitting and the same from sitting to standing. He told me to rise slowly. You should go to the doctor and find out if this is your problem or something else. Good Luck

There is nothing you have to worry about it is just a little drop in Blood pressure and it won't hurt you.

that happens to me alot too. i am used to feeling like that so i never gave it much thought. there is an illness called VERTIGO type that in your search box and it will tell you about things like dizziness if you are on any type of medications dizziness may be one of the side effects of that medication, good luck to you

There are MANY reasons why this could be happening; the most common ones are inner ear infection, dehydration, and low blood pressure. With the sudden onset of your symptoms and the gradual worsening of them, I'd guess inner ear infection. You need to see a doctor so he can pinpoint exactly what it is.

Jon S
You should see your doctor. I wonder if you may be slightly anemic. You know the cause of the dizzyness is that you aren't getting enough blood to the head, so it's just figuring out why... could be thin blood, low blood pressure, etc... get it checked out. Especially if you are to the point of blacking out.

This is called orthostatic hypotension. For some people when they go from lying to sitting to standing rapidly the blood pressure drops a lot causing orthostatic hypotenstion. You should see your doc for a for sure diagnosis but from how on you need to sit up and stand up slowly and give your body time to adjust before going to the next position.

Don't sit up so fast. lol. Maybe your not drinking enough water?

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