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peachie keen
Why do I always have to pee during the night?
My last drink for the day is at least 6 hours before bed. Yet I still have to go, why can't it come out quicker?? All I drink is water, so it should easily passed, no??
Additional Details
Yes, I pee right before bed, doesn't everybody?

It is due to your metabolic activity. you may have drink atleast 6 hours before bed but the reaction of the fluid or water you drink depends on your physical and mental activities,try to exercise a little bit before you sleep, and better see a physician cos, there's also something wrong on your kidney. dont worry doctors knows best

blue eyes
do you try and go pee right before getting into bed?

Sean C
I believe your body produces approximately 45-50 ml of urine per hour, regardless of how much you have to drink.

ive never had to have a pi*s in the middle of the night

try not to drink water after lunch and check it out.....if it still is there check with the doctor

Well, you're likely to pee at night, as it's a solid 8 hour chunk of time. Besides, water isn't the only thing that your body urinates out, it also urinates out dead blood cells. That's why it's yellow.

I have news for you that you may not want to hear ,,......It gets
worse with age. Sorry. I'm going twice at night.

Ok, a bit of a personal question, but I think I can help. First of all, go to the bathroom RIGHT before you go to bed. If that does not work, you have to see a doctor.

Go to your doctor and request a HgA1c test. This is a test for diabetes. This may be the cause of your frequent urination at night, About eight years ago I had the same proably and sure enough I was diagnosed with diabetes.

just because you go to sleep doesnt mean the rest of you does.... your body is a constantly moving well oiled machine. If you gotta go... then ya gotta go. You can try cutting yourself off from liquids earlier, or talk to your doctor about medications to help weak bladder control. Youo also can sort of control your bladder, by exercising it. Dont go right when you have to. when you wait, it expands and adjusts. However.. dont make yourself wait forever painfully... that'll just give you a UTI

It could be a sign of something else, you should try asking your Doctor.

because u have to

It depends on what you drink. Water metabolizes faster than say juice, so if you drink your last drink of water 6 hours prior to bed, you should expell it long before that. Sodas and juices must be broken down, so it takes longer, hence you waking in the middle of the night to pee. There are other reasons that you wake up. If you have low bladder retention, you will have to go. If you have apnea, one of the signs is having to urinate during the night. If you only wake up once, it is normal. If you are waking up several times a night, I would see a doctor.

you should go to the doctor it seems that you have a fatal bladder cancer!!!!

Not for women since women retain water.

Sounds like you are also eating too much salt which retains water as well.

My Final Answer
Just cellophane the bed, and wear pull-ups. You have nothing to complain about.

If you pee once a night, that seems normal. If it's more than once a night, then go see your doctor.

Arrica H
Two medical reasons, not trying to scare you.The horomone produced when you first become pregnant causes frequent urination. I had to get up about 3 times a night to go pee during the first 3 months and then again the last 2. Also, diabetes makes you have to urinate frequently.

It may all be normal. Are you taking diet pills or any other types of dieuretics? Do you mostly eat/drink soups for meals?

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