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One Love
Why can't we hear ourselves snore?
I've heard that hearing is one of the senses that is still doing its "job" while we our off in dreamland. So why is that we can't even hear a sound our own body makes when we are asleep?

There are five levels of sleep. Rem sleep is the one where you have dreams and sometimes toss and turn in bed. you can somewhat feel your consciousness. this is level one or two depending on the person. you would snore at a level of about 4 or 5.

1 is being the lightest and most aware stage and 4 and 5 being the least aware and VERY DEEP sleep.

okay so now the only way you hear yyourself snore. is if you go from 5/4 to 2/1. VERY QUICKLY. that way you continue teh snore your doing and hear it. after that you automatically stop snoring without realizing it.

cause we are sleeping

I don't snore... or at least no one's ever heard me snoring, so I don't think I do... think it's because I practically sleep on my face.

Anyway, you can hear yourself snore. But because it's a natural sound, your brain just dismisses it while you're sleeping. You get a good loud snore though, and it'll probably wake you up. It happened to my dog several times...
ANd maybe my dad, if I'm remembering correctly.

Torey E
that is a really good question.!!

maybe because we're in a deep sleep.

Rachel G
uh.. cuz your asleep!

Harry D
because our brain has shut off

That's the same as asking - does a tree make noise when it falls - if no one is around. You don't hear yourself because your brain is asleep.

cuz your asleep

Kelly R
Because we are unconscious when we are sleeping. We are unable to notice anything externally in a deep state of relaxation. When we are conscious(our logical mind), we can notice that terrible sound on others. We are usually aware of things around us and collect billions of information when we are conscious.

Because we are hearing our dreams, not our snoring

plan b skater
because when were asleep your whole body is relaxign your brian is basically telling you to just chill

your in a different state and your to sleepy to hear your own snours

cuz by the time we're snoring, we're far far asleep to notice.

Andrew J
Sometimes I have been able to hear the last part of a snore if I awake suddenly. I think ultimately our sense of hearing is accustomed to the sound of our snoring and does not wake us up for that reason. It's the same reason people can sleep through trains and traffic and other noises.

(: D.O.T :)
Because our ears really don't operate while were asleep unless very loud sounds are detected.

hahha because were asleep.. our minds are like basically shut off temporarily. ( at rest )

Im sure we do hear it, but it is probably soothing like the oceans waves. Either that or we are not aware we are hearing it because our brain is busy with other stuff.

cause u r sleeping and not aware of anything else except the nightmares(lol)

It all depends on how deep in sleep you are. I've actually woke up before mid snore (everyone snores don't let people lie to you lol).

Because we are sleeping!

if we cud hear wed be awake..if ur own body makes sounds u wont wake up from them because u are so used to tgem

Name Here
Bcuz we are asleep

because we are dreaming and thinking of other things...I think it works the same as us not hearing ourselves breathe during the day

Doctor Timothy
We can't hear ourselves snore because when we sleep our senses go to sleep as well. I think we do. The only part of our body that still works is our Brain. It controls how we move at night, and what we hear and don't hear.

If you would like to know more information please check out the website below. That may not answer your question but it may help.

Leif B
We can, our body just knows to ingore it. It would be pretty useless if our body woke itself from noises it made. Sometimes I've heard sounds in my dreams and woke up and realized that the sound was my snoring.

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