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Why am I always sleepy ?!
In the beginning I didn't think this was going to be a problem as many say there is no such thing as too much sleep. I work 40 hours a week wake up at 6am, come home at 5pm, sleep as soon as I come home and don't wake up until the next day at 6am. I don't have a problem sleeping (I love to sleep) but my concern is that even though I sleep 10 hours a day, when I wake up I am still sleepy! I am constantly yawning at work. I don't stay up late on the weekends either. Is there something wrong with me? No mean answers please I don't feel normal.

pregnant ?


Get your thyroid checked. Too much or too little can make you sleepy.

Jesse G
Ok don't feel weird or abnormal my step mom has the same problem.I'm not saying this IS WHAT YOU HAVE, because there's no way i could truly know.It actually a common disorder called sleep apnea.This is where although you may sleep a lot your sleep quality is poor.This is because you breathing although maybe not noticable is different from others making you into a lighter sleep therefore reducing the quality making you wanting to sleep more or feeling sleepy.
Hope i helped you.

body of a buddha
go to the doctor maybe....mono or other illnesses can cause fatigue....or maybe try going to the gym 3 times a week that will and should give you more energy

Metal Princess
I would go to your doctor, perhaps you have Lyme disease, and Iron deficiency called Anemia, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. All of these play a part in your alertness.

Sarah S
You could be low on iron. I'm anemic and I'm tired alot because I'm low on that... so you coud be lacking somthing your body needs.

You're getting too much sleep. You don't need to sleep that much or it makes you drowsy, it doesn't make sense but that's why.

Sometimes if you sleep too long, it actually can make yourself more tired. For example- If I take a nap that lasts longer than 30 minutes...I usually feel WORSE and more tired. Plus you are working a lot so that could also make you sleepy. One thing you can do is try to fit in some exercise into your day. Even just 30 minutes of light exercise can make a difference!

Jackie C
yup too much
try to sleep like 8hrs a day
and eat a good nutritional snack ya digg

Jess. D
Well im not really sure what to say.
I kinda have the same the problem. It seems that your body might be laking something.
Do u take a vitamin? I would ask your doctor to make sure their is nothing wrong with your health!
Anyways.. hope you find out something!
Good luck! :)

You could be getting to much sleep. Studies say your suppose to get from 6-8hr anything over that will probably leave you kinda off and groggy. Also you might not be getting enough water. Water keeps your body working and your blood pumping throughout the day. If your body lacks water it feels tired...dehydrated. Try to drink about a gallon a day. Eat healthy too, that way your body is aleart all day.

leigh b
Well there are two things I can think of. One is that you're over-tired, I think it's called. Where you sleep too long so you just go back to being tired. So try only sleeping maybe 8 hours?
And the other thing I can think of is if you sleep next to your phone? Maybe on your mattress or bed-side locker?
If you sleep near your phone your more likely to wake up tired, something about the radiation making you tired and your sleep useless. So if so, I recommend putting your phone off and away from you from now on while sleeping.

Hope this helps, it's my first time answering a question :D

Hello sorry to hear about your situation. I used to sleep alot as well alot of sleep is not good for you as to much sleep can leave you more tired. You may be suffering from depression. It is very normal to be tired from working a full time job. You should see a doctor, maybe adjust your diet, and trust me start exercising, exercising will provide more energy and help you deal with any stress.

Paul E
I get that a lot too. I have been told that it can be dietary and that eating the right foods will give me energy, and I have also been told that it is a lack of iron and vitamins.

As you are getting plenty of sleep and are still tired, I would see a doctor just to be on the safe side. It's worth getting checked out.

Don't worry, I was a sleepy head too. Just go to the pharmacy and purchase some multi-vitamins. You mainly need iron and vitamin D pills. Take those and you will definitely see a change. Good luck.

u rly need to see a doctor dear friend...and il say asap!!

You're probably anemic. It's an iron deficiency issue. It can be fixed with iron supplements or more iron rich foods in your diet.

To be sure, though, see a doctor.

I used to feel just like you and I had a really hard time falling asleep driving and in classes in college. I finally went to a sleep specialist and had a sleep study done. I slept overnight hooked up to electrodes etc. and then I stayed the next day and did a nap study where you take several naps with periods of staying awake in between. Sounds like the perfect day huh? Anyways, I got the results back and I was diagnosed with hypersomnia (it is almost like narcolepsy but I didn't go into REM sleep enough in my naps for it to be considered narcolepsy). They prescribed me Provigil and I take one in the morning and one in the afternoon and I can stay up normal hours!! It is great. I don't fall asleep watching TV or right when I get home from work. I really recommend going to your family doctor and they will likely do blood work to check your thyroid and stuff first but if that is all normal, ask to see a sleep specialist. I wish I would have done it earlier than I did. Good luck!

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