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Why Am i Peeing every half hour?
It just started like yesterday. I am having pain in my lower stomache towards the side, and i have to pee every half hour to and hour. I am not drinking OVER ESSEIVLEY fluids so idk whats wrong? do i have to get my APPENDIX removed?!?!?!? :[
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ok im nott pregnant, im 14 years old. and i dont drink lots of water or anyhting

House MD
why dont you stop drinking 10 gallons of water, its not going to make you lose weight like advertised

Ron N
Could bebladder or urinary infection. Cystitis. Go to the doctor and get some antibiotics. Get him to order a cystoscopic. They put a light in your urinary tract to see if there is any infection.(Are you incontinent? That is, do you go frequently to the bathroom with sudden powerful urge to urinate and only release a little urine?) . Cranberry juice will help the situation, but see the doctor!!

sounds like a bladder infection. See a doc and drink cranberry juice

Barbara M
Your bladder holds your urine. Caffiene ,which is in tea, coffee and soda can make you pee more often. If you can only pee a small amount and have pain DURING urination , you might have a UTI , urinary tract infection, and will probably need to give a urine sample and possibly be on antibiotics. Doctor's office visit required for that. Try drinking more water or cranberry juice and see if that doesnt help.

Sharp Marble
does it burn? you could have a UTI. you can go to a Dr. for a urine test and they wil look for infection.

PS: you should be drinking lots of fluid - it will help flush out whatever is wrong.

You might be getting dibetes. You should see a doctor soon because there are a lot of other things that might be wrong. Or you might just be peeing a lot!

Beth W
I would go to the dr.

Sounds like a urinary tract infection you'll need antibiotics

allison, yo
could be a kidney infection.

could it be an urinary track infection. Try drinking lots of crambery juicy. If that does not help then is time to go visit your doctor. OR maybe the pharmacy guy can help with some over the counter stuff.

i just had a run in with possible appendicitis myself, actually, so here's the deal: if the pain is on the lower right side, it's most likely appendicits. go in to the emergency room && let the doctor's know right away.they'll do a CT scan on your abdomen to confirm that you need surgery to get it removed. if you don't have the operation, your appendix could burst!! best of luck to you!

desert fox
You may be pregnant

Go to the hospital. I knew someone who was urinating way more than normal, and it turned out he had diabetes. It could be a assortment of other things. Liver problems, whatever you never know. Go to the hospital now!

Sounds like a bladder infection.. go to the doctor to be sure and they will give you antibiotics,.

That sounds like a bladder infection....Go to your doctor asap.

does it hurt to pee? do you actually urinate? if yes for the 1st and no for the 2nd, you may have a urinary tract infection. go to a doctor immediately to get a prescription for antibiotics and while waiting purchase Uristat for the pain.

Its either a bladder infection or you may have a cyst which has grown abit more and is now pressing against your bladder, resulting in you having to empty your bladder more frequently. Which ever, You still need to make an appointment to see your doctor. Cheers and good luck.

see a doctor

wow!! that happened 2 me starting since yesterday 2!! its a very uncomfortable feeling!! kinda painful, but i dont think its appendicitis

who am I
I think it sounds like a urinanry tract infection. Sometimes you can get pains in what seems like your stomach. Try using Azo-Standard UTI relief. Found in the herbal section at Wal-Mart. Hope this helps.

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