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nitikaa s
Which blood type is the 'universal donor'?

O+ is the universal donor. Oops should be O-

O is the donor, no A or B antigens

AB is the recipient, it can recieve either, but cannot donate.

O -ve

Dr. Mike
O is considered the universal donor.

"O negative" is the universal donor because it lacks antigens people can react to.
Easy to remember:
O = zero antigens (of A or B type)
negative = no additional antigens (of rH type)

type O

blood group O is the universal donor.

O group

Warren D
O negative.


O group

O Positive

I am postive... am I?
O-... I heve been a donor for ten years. That is my blood type.

Rudy R
O is the universal donor
AB is the universal recipient.

I know b/c I'm an AB and my bro is an O, so I always say I'm lucky if I ever get into an accident because any blood can be given to me. For him, he can only get O!

also, think O is the first blood type out their, so it was the most useful. the newest is AB so think, its selective in who it can be given to.

i was reading a book, pretty soon their will be a new blood type! pretty scary, huh?


shweta -

O blood group is considered as universal donors

A person who is type O in the ABO blood group system and can donate blood to all recipients. Recent Blood research indicates that where, at one time, a person with type O negative Blood was considered to be a 'universal donor,' this may no longer be correct, because of a better understanding of the complex issues of immune reactions related to incompatible donor Blood cells.

Shiv Rana
It is O(+) - pronounced as O positive.

O-ve is the universal donor

The cool one
"O" but I am not sure + or -

O group is generally known as Universal donors.

Type O-negative blood does not have any antigens. It is called the "universal donor" type because it is compatible with any blood type. Type AB-positive blood is called the "universal recipient" type because a person who has it can receive blood of any type. Although "universal donor" and "universal recipient" types are occasionally used to classify blood in an emergency, blood type tests are always done to prevent transfusion reactions.



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