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When we die, Does it hurt much or anything?
How much it hurts? If it does not hurt much then :). Dying... whhoho... It's a scary thing... And, do we go to Heaven when we die? Can we d anything there?

i dont know...i think ot, but it matterrs how u die.

juli s
im sure if you die blown up by a bomb it would hurt or being hit by a car too but dying in your sleep would be painless

How do we know it it hurts or not?
We haven't died.

Well, i can't answer that question, because i have not died.

Anyway, if you die, you don't just go to heaven.
You have to have a true relationship with christ,
and heaven is the best place you could ever go to!
No pain, or suffering there. God bless!

It can be extremely painful depending on how you die. Hopefully, you are not considering suicide. If you are, before taking any action call someone or call a suicide hotline to talk about it.

Depends on how u die, if u get stabbed of course its gonna hurt. If u drown or something u might freak out. If u die in a coma I dont think u feel anything. If u get put to sleep like a dog I don't think it would hurt. i dont know what to say about the rest of your question lol, if i ever go there i'll try to tell you

During the death and dying process, modern medicine has many ways to keep pain at bay.

As far as after death... you can look at it in two different ways:

1) You believe in God and heaven: You will be pain free, eternally happy, and in a better place in heaven. So nothing to worry about...

2) You do not believe in God or heaven: you came from nothing, you'll return to nothing.. no pain, no joy, no nothing. So nothing to worry about....

it does not hurt i believe u go into a bliss wonder seconds or vn moments b4 we die but then again the only ones who can confirm that are already dead. It's not certain where we will end up afterwards either

Amber D
Whether it hurts depends on the death, and I can't just tell you whether we go to heaven or not when we die, because I do no know.

Basically life keeps people in line with pain. You learn things from it. Being good or bad, is the difference between feeling a lot of pain or not.

Ultraviolet Oasis मुझे नहीं छिपक
For the most part, it is just like falling asleep. Any pain involved would be a result of the method of death.

To clarify, do you ever remember falling asleep? No, because there is a natural mechanism which produces amnesia in the moments before falling asleep. Thus, you will not experience the moment of death.

After that, there's probably nothing. Accept it and live this your life as fully as possible; to save or sacrifice for a future life is foolishness.

hmm i don`t think anyone knows but when that day comes we`ll find out.

well it dependz on how u die if sumone is in a car accident n dies instantly u dont feel anything ur body is n shock to all the pain so ur brain and body just shuts down so u dont feel anything ur body can handle the trauma...wen u drown they say ur mind is relaxed and calm ur in a trance and its like u goin in to a deep sleep....and wen u jump off a buildin u actually die befo u hit da ground once again ur body cant handle the drop....they say after u die itz like ur just sleepin now i dont wanna get al religious on u but "your soul is resting till jesus comes back" to take u in to heaven but datz all i can offer u hoped it made sense =] oh ps u dont actually go to heaven rite after u die...u wait patiently(rip) untill he comez back to take u of course if u did ur good thingz n earth u will go ta heaven oooh and they say as ur dead "resting" time goes quicker in ur eyez jus like sleep u dont realize how long ur sleepitz like u fall asleep den wake up da next instant datz how itl be wen he comez back

Your Pleasure
How could you feel pain when you're dead?

and about the Heaven thing, it depends if you've been "good" on earth :D

Life is a test..

No, you don't go to heaven. There is no heaven. Sorry.

first it hurt alot if you don't pray or love god the god well put you in the hell and it well hurts alot but if you pray and love god you will be king in the end :)

yo yo dog
In most near death experiences it is reported that you experience a very blissful state of being, similar to the effects of LCD. Your senses get all jumbled up, distorted from the "normal" sense and you find deep inner peace. Such a mechanism is intriguing. Indeed the mind seems to have built-in a release when its earthly life is finally all finished. It kind tries to keep you in with pain and such while it thinks you can get out of the situation, but upon death it releases euphoria since that's about that. Beyond that, the true constructs of the mind would not be able to explain deeper consciousness and the energy of life - not at this level.

Sweet 16 2008
lol no1 can answer that

BUT SOME DDEATHS r just like falling asleep

man stop thinking this sht... nobody can answer this ?.... just live the life .... when you die u die thats it .... be happy today!!!

It depends on how u die.
Heaven-everyone has a different take on it. It's what you want it to be.

Depends what way you die like..

When we die nobody knows as there hasn't been anybody come back to tell the tale lol

Why the morbid couriosity ???

Nobody has come back from the dead to tell us.

Max Powers
When I died, it wasn't too bad.

udaya k
All near death experiences talk of white halo and bliss.
I can tell you what I experienced. When we are practising judo there is a technique of applying chokes. By applying a choke for 30 seconds a person is supposed to go unconscious. And keeping it for longer period will bring haemorrage through nose and is fatal. Whenever someone applied chokes on me, I used to start breathing heavily and heavily until nothing is known, no pains, and no consciousness. If that is continued, I don't see a reason for pain to return. My answer would be there would be no pain in natural deaths, or death by hanging, as all faculties shut down before death. But, if the death is due to violence, ofcourse there would be bodily afflicted pains.

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