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Brian P
Whats the easiest bone to break in your body?

Probably your tooth, toes do not count since when they are bent in a rare manner, they make a sound, which fools people such as ourselves to think that the bone inside our toe is broken. And, if it is, it can not be repeatedly broken.

the little toe. also the most PAINFUL to break.

I'd say your skull or ribs

Learning and Teaching
probably fingers because they're the thinnest. but idk.

well it's not the nose, the nose is actually cartilage not bone so it would be impossible to break a bone there, generally the smaller the bone the easier to break it is, phalanges (toes and fingers)

The nose is the most easily broken, but I think the most common would be either the bones in your forearm, or the shin.

toes and finger bone

prolly ur nose becuz if u fall face first u have a good chance of breaking it.....idk about toes or fingers becuz you use your fingers all the time and u walk all the time and if ur dumb then u walk into something and break ur toe...haha

im gonna say the finger

Dopey E
By dose!

call the owls
my toe... broke it six times

Yaroslav P
finger bone

your fingers
ive broken all of them
easily too
just by falling, smashing etc.

the toe. if you go barefoot a lot like i do you're gonna run into something and BANG!!! broken toe. had many of them. painful!!!

Only bone I've ever broken was a sesmoid bone. It's a tiny bone in the ball of the foot. There's two, and they float like a kneecap, only much smaller. All I did was step wrong.

Any bone in the human body can be broken with just 6 pounds of pressure applied in the right way. Drink your milk!

you trying to figure out which bone you want to break, but dont want to try too hard? lol!

I would say toes are the easiest to break. Thats why they make you wear safety boots on construction jobsites. Next would be fingers, people break fingers all the time. then third I would say ankles. There's alot of weight on the ankle, so a twist can cause it to break somewhat easily.

definitly the nose you can break it with a simple kick

Easy? Or commonly broken?

Easy is nose but most people protect it well enough, at least usually.

Common, I have to agree that it's toes and fingers!

The Nikki
Probably toes, a lot of people break them and don't even know it. Besides, there's not much you can do for a toe. I mean if the Dr is skilled enough I suppose he could make a tiny cast for it.

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