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Whats the best way to hurt some one?
got something planed and just wondered the best way to hurt some one

dunno but ur mean

yummy mummy
do something dead sly!! to hurt someone who you hate !!! but try not to get caught!! i dont know for example!! if they got a girlfriend or other way round, sned a secret text to one of them from a phone box(with text facilitys) making something up! like cheating or something!! now that would be a good way to get someone mad! but only do it if they have done something bad to you!!!!


Phill Y
Striking them with a HIV infected needle then choke with a banana skin.

Antonio L
why would u want to hurt someone?
take a deep breath and think before u do this.
letting go is much easier.

leanna s
make up something,like saying you've cheated and the other person was better,hair removing cream in the shampoo,sewing prawns in the bottom of their curtains.staple bacon under the car seats on a hot day,If you do do anything make sure you have a backup plan,an alibi and are ok to face the repercussions.you could tell them they're fat.x

mental abuse is a lot more hurting than physical abuse

smile at them ive not been on good terms with someone and they just cant understand why when i see them i smile
it reallly confuses them better than hurting

REVENGE is the mother of pain!


• B •

Kick em' in the nuts!

Brian G

not sure what you have planned but you;ll only eventually get it worse. I cant believe people plan and set out to hurt someone. It is so wrong.

Sniper rifle?

Jack Mehoffer
When i get kicked in the nuts it hurts!

If i were you i wouldn't sink so low.

shotgun to the knee.

is this serious? you're sick.

Tony R
Asking this question hurts me.

boy in the balls girl well u decide

completly paying no attention, dont answer them act as if they dont exist and leave them in wonder. even if u wanna insult them dont because at least theyd have an answer just act as if ur better

sarah zzz
muahahaha! torture!!

some guy said "the best way to get back at an enemy is to forgive them", but id be wary with this one

There are a million ways to hurt someone. The safest way is to stop all communication in every form. Don't see them, don't talk to them, don't have anything to do with them. That way, no one gets physically hurt, and no one goes to jail for a crime that could have been prevented. Who do you want to hurt?

Why on earth would you intentionally want to hurt someone? just remember the "wheel turns" and any bad deeds you do will come back upon you.

It is hard to remain in control when someone has angered you. But surely, you are a better person than that. Humans are essentially good-natured.

Martyn H
correcting spelling and/or punctuation annoys a lot of people - but I won't.

Be the "bigger" person and get over it. Life's too short.

Anybody giving you revenge tips would just be hurting you. Please don't ask these nice people to debase themselves.

Turn the other cheek and ignore them.

That's the most hurtful thing psychologically.

ak 47.... knife.... ax... bow and arrow... pour some hot water on them... put some laxatives in there food or coffee... thers lots of things you can do.

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