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Whats the best way to get water out of your ears?
like when you go swimming and water gets into your ears...

A Q-tip it works!

Village Idiot
Hop on one foot (the same side as the ear with water) while tilting your head in the same direction... do this for about 30 seconds, or until the water 'releases'.

If this fails... go to the pharmacy and pick up drops for swimmer's ear. It helps dry the ear out and remove any bacteria that may have been stirred up.

Good luck!

A little tiny bit of alcohol in your ears will help sometimes...

It's called swimmer's ear. They have OTC medication you can take. Like ear drops. Go to wal-mart or a local pharmacy and ask the clerk and they will direct you. It shouldn't be too expensive.


Sandra K
just put a few drops of rubbing alcohol in them that what swimmers ear medacine is

Move your jaw to losen up the ligaments.

The jaw bones connected to the ear bone?

Close all the holes and tillt your head and build pressure inside by feeling to blow out of your ears.....

The pool party had been awesome. Ryan and his friends had eaten pizza, listened to music, and, of course, spent lots of time in the water. But the aftermath of the party wasn't as great. Two nights later, Ryan woke with a sharp pain in his ear — it really hurt! He remembered having ear infections when he was a little kid, but this didn't feel the same somehow. His outer ear felt so sore to the touch that he couldn't even stand to rest his head on his pillow. He wondered if it had something to do with the water that had been stuck in his ear after swimming.

Ryan was right — he had a type of ear infection commonly known as swimmer's ear. Keep reading for tips and tricks on keeping swimmer's ear at bay.

What Is External Otitis?
The medical terms for swimmer's ear are external otitis or otitis externa. Swimmer's ear is an infection of the ear canal (the tubular opening that carries sounds from the outside of the body to the eardrum) that can be caused by many different types of bacteria or fungi. It usually develops in teens and young adults whose ears are exposed to persistent, excessive moisture.

People who get external otitis often have been diving or swimming for long periods of time, especially in polluted lakes, rivers, or ponds (although sometimes something as simple as water from the shower can cause it). This can bring infectious bacteria directly into the ear canal. Swimming in chlorinated pool water also can cause external otitis because chlorinated water can make it easier for bacteria and fungi to penetrate the skin of the ear canal. External otitis occurs most often in warm climates and during the summer months — when more people are participating in water activities.

People who don't swim can also develop external otitis by scratching their ear canals when they try to clean their ears. This is especially true if they use cotton-tipped applicators or dangerously sharp small objects, like hair clips or bobby pins. Sometimes, in a person with a middle ear infection (otitis media), pus collected in the middle ear can drain into the ear canal through a hole in the eardrum and cause otitis externa to develop.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of External Otitis?
The primary symptom of external otitis is severe ear pain that gets worse when the pinna, or outside part of the ear, is pulled or pressed on. Sometimes there is itching in the ear canal before the pain begins. The outer ear may become reddened or swollen, and lymph nodes around the ear may become enlarged and tender. There also may be a greenish-yellow discharge of pus from the ear opening. It can be hard to hear in the affected ear if pus or swelling of the canal begins to block passage of sound into the ear. A slight fever may accompany external otitis.

There is no set time that it takes external otitis to develop, but the ear pain often follows an episode of swimming or water immersion and develops gradually over several hours or a day.

Can I Prevent External Otitis?
You may be able to prevent external otitis by using acid alcohol drops after you've finished swimming for the day. (You shouldn't use these drops if you have ear tubes or a hole in your eardrum.) It's also a good idea to dry your ears thoroughly with a clean towel after swimming, bathing, or showering.

Keep all objects out of your ear canals — including cotton-tipped applicators or bobby pins and even earplugs — unless your doctor has told you it's OK to use them. Avoiding swims in polluted water also reduces your risk of infection.

How Long Does It Last?
If it's treated with medication, external otitis is usually cured within 7 to 10 days, but you'll probably need to keep water out of the infected ear for a longer period. Your ear pain actually may increase for the first 12 to 24 hours after treatment begins. After that time, the pain should lessen.

External otitis is not contagious, so you don't have to limit your contact with friends as long as you're feeling well enough to socialize.

Should I Call My Doctor?
You should call your doctor if you have any of the following:

pain in an ear with or without fever
persistent itching of the ear or in the ear canal
loss of hearing or decreased hearing in one or both ears
discharge from an ear, especially if it's thick, discolored, bloody, or bad-smelling
These are all signs that you may have external otitis.

How Is External Otitis Treated?
If you think you have external otitis, you should see your doctor. This is the fastest way to relieve the ear pain and to prevent the spread of infection.

Your doctor's treatment for external otitis will depend on how severe the pain and the infection are. For milder infections, your doctor may prescribe only eardrops containing antibiotics or corticosteroids. These will help fight the infection and reduce swelling of the ear canal. For full treatment, eardrops are usually given several times a day for 7 to 10 days.

If the opening into your ear is narrowed by swelling, your doctor may clean your ear and insert a cotton wick into your ear canal to help carry eardrops into the ear more effectively. If you have a severe infection, he or she may give you antibiotics to take by mouth as well. Your doctor may take a culture of the discharge from your ear to help identify what type of germ is causing the infection.

What Can I Do to Make Myself Feel Better?
Place a warm cotton cloth or heating pad against your ear to help relieve the pain. You may also take acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

At home, follow your doctor's directions for using eardrops and take all oral antibiotics as prescribed (don't stop taking these even if you feel better; it's important to take the full course of any antibiotics your doctor prescribes). To avoid contaminating the infected ear, your doctor will probably tell you to keep your head out of water for several days or weeks — even while showering or shampooing! This can be tough, but your doctor can give you suggestions on how to do this, such as using a shower cap or cotton earplugs coated with petroleum jelly (removed after the shower is finished).

If your ear pain is not relieved by over-the-counter pain medications, your doctor may order a stronger prescription pain reliever. You'll use this only for a short time — until the eardrops and antibiotics begin to work.

this may sound weird but shaking your head (tipping it from side to side) my help or use a q-tip or cotton swab. hope this helps!

Put a bit more of water, that will stimulate the water that is already in.. wait a while than quickly turn your head over and the water will fall. Taping the other ear (that isn't with water) while your head is tilted will help also.

Pinch your nose with your hand then force yourself to breath out through your nose then this causes the build up of fluid to run out of your ears til it comes out at the back of your throat. Do this several times and swallow with your mouth as you are doing it and in no time you should feel more comfortable.

time or exhale while holding nose lol

Tilt your head to the side so the ear is basically "pointed" toward the floor. Lightly but firmly hit your head above the ear about three times with your hand. Do the same for the other side if you've water in both.


snow l
Do Jump ropes

Best way

pinch your nose, close your mouth and breathe out.

my dr told me to put a few drops of baby oil in your ear, let it sit for about 30 seconds and let it drain out...this should work....it always has for me

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