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What to eat and drink when having a stomach ache and vomitting?
i am afraid to eat or drink much cause i may vomitt. but what are some other good things to eata nd drink besides sprite or gingerale? thanks

crackers also warm coke will settle a stomache

nervus kid
soda crackers are good to eat when u feel sick but thats all i kno

Get some Gatorade it'll help rehydrate you, that could be one ready why you still have the vomiting, take small sips. For the food nibble on some dry toast, or maybe some egg drop soup it's got a chicken broth base, or even just chicken broth.

plain dry toast, no jams or jellies. the sugars may irritate your stomach. as for fluids plain water for the first few hours, if you think your stomach is beginning to feel better, pick up some Canada dry gingeraile. pour some in to a glass or a cup and let it go flat, let all of the carbonation go out of it. as for your first meal, just a plain chicken broth, with a mild tea.
if you are in to herbal teas, try chamomile and use real honey as a sweetener. or lemon zinger teas. its easy on the stomach, and it will help flush out your system faster.

if you are able to drink anything at all , sprite zero is good and also they say to drink coke that has been at room tempature this will help with nausea. if you can hold down food then i would suggest dry toast or saltines.and then work your way up to maybe oatmeal or cream of wheat.

Jello, Crackers, Popsicle,Chicken broth, Toast,yogurt,

Actually ginger can upset your stomach more. the BRAT diet is the best.. Also try some crackers (saltines)

John R
Soda Crackers/Saltines with chicken noodle soup. Also, you can Boil white rice until it turns the Water a White Color. Drain off the Water, let it cool, and Drink the water. This is excellent for the stomach and , if it comes back up, it is Easy on your throat. Thanks, John R.

try some baking soda and water.I tsp of soda in 4-6 oz of water

robert m
Eat lots of pizza and drink lots of Rum.

saltine crackers, and room temp sprite...hope you get to feeling better.


crackers and ginger ale?

it is known as BART

B anana
A pple Sauce


(I forget what the R stands for)

EAT BLAND FOODS.Like tea & toast or chicken broth.NOTHING HEAVY or acidic and stay away from milk and milk products.Then go to a drugstore or a health food store and buy a bottle of PAPAYA ENZYME TABLETS and chew DO NOT SWALLOW THEM WHOLE TWO (2) of them down every FOUR (4) hours. And you should be fine in a day or TWO (2)

Saltine crackers and water.

Domino's Mom
stick with sprite, and soda crackers

Go to your grocery store and buy some bananas, soda crackers, and applesauce. I'm not sure why, but these foods won't make you throw up. Oh, and i almost forgot, rice krispies are good too. Avoid dairy-type foods and foods with oil and fat, like chips and cookies.

U got the flu? or Appendix? Drink healing teas, green tea .

How about chipped ice....try to stay hydrated.

Well cranberry juice has helped me before, and I would eat simple things like peices of bread and crackers.

bread. eat the crust then the whole thing. but mostly crust. and ginger ale too but when the gas bubbles evaporate.

You need to drink water so you do not dehydrate. A lot of water is lost during vomiting. Also, try a little bit of chicken noodle soup. If this does not help your stomach ache, I would try to fast until your stomach starts to feel better so you can handle food.

to eat don't eat anything fancy. you should stick to toast, maybe when you feel a little better have some butter with it. if you are in the mood for something a little bit sweet have a plain waffle. it is not sweet enough to give your stomach trouble, but it does give you some flavor. to drink have mint tea, and some water. make sure to drink it slowly. sip, then wait a few minutes then take a few more, then wait, and so on. stay away from juices, especially orange, because since it is acidic it always developes a little mucus in the back of your throat, and that may cause you to throw up.

Feel Better

Saltine Crackers, clear fluids, toast, anything that's bland. Clear broth.

Jameson Irish Whiskey, it cures all ills.

Ann N. Cephalic
plain white crackers, they absorb some of the acid

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