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What should you do if someone makes fun of you?

Say.. "Oh. Wow. You really hurt my feelings. Seriously." Then roll your eyes and walk away.

Sean C
call 911. haha

thurman l

ignore them. people usually make fun of things they are jealous of or things they feel threatened them. so you should really see the insult for what it is, a screeching of words called out by a weak person.

Laugh. Tell them you're so glad they said something because you just didn't know how you were going to live another day without hearing the melodious sound of their voice. Or you could tell them opinions are like @ssholes, everyone has one and most of 'em stink.Or you could ask 'em how many times do I have to flush before you go away? lol, you could just ignore them, because most of those losers aren't worth the breath it takes to tell em off...

just ignore them i think but u could always beat them up if it would make u feel better lol

just walk away, they will stop when they see it doesnt bother you

Danica O
Nothing......What can you do?What to do with someone like that?Just don t listen to him,and ignore him.......Someday somehow he.she will see what is like when someone makes fun of them.......life is a circle and round and round........What was down,can go up,and what is up,can go down.......Don t worry too much about that........

just ignore them. that way, they'd be the one who'd look funny.don't stoop to their level.

Hold your head up high and realize they are not happy with themselves... So much that they have to point the attention to someone else... Above all do not stoop to their level...

I ignore them usually, sometimes I feel sorry for them as they must live a very shallow existence if they get enjoyment out of being mean spirited.

If you are a child, tell an adult, because that's a form of bullying. If you are a teen...do what you gotta do...I was never made fun of myself, but my friend was often made fun of...I would warn them to never touch her, because she was amazing at ignoring verbal put downs, but a physical attack - I wouldn't have tolerated it. So when I gave this one girl a warning look...and she pulled my hair (she sat behind us in the bus)...Oh my, she didn't see it coming....I turned around went on my knees on the bus seat and grabbed her by her turtle neck - pulled her up towards my face, and I shouted with all my might at her saying, " I told you never to touch ..." what happened after that I can't quite recall,...but I know she never ever dared invading my personal space nor did she ever harassed my friend again.

tell them where to go and at which store they can purchase the hand basket in which to make the trip.

Ignore them as if you don't even hear them. That will make them madder than anything. I had a guy tell me what time that I was fat. So I turned to him and said "I may be fat, but you're ugly and I can always diet." Shut him up instantly!

"take a journey through my minds eye...don't explain ***** time ta die...watch my eyes before i pull the trigger...so right before you die you bow before a bigga *****....now shut your eyes..." - PAc

Learn the art of the comeback. If you're good at it, no one will make fun of you again.

The Outfit
laugh about it. But I'm not that graceful yet so I just watch for their biggest flaw and sweetly point it out to them. Revenge although wrong can be sweet

think what they saying

maybe you SMELL or need better HAIRCUT

old clothes OK as long as they CLEAN

you been to dentist this year?

you might not like what they say, do they have point? put things right, then if they still poke fun kick them in the nuts

smile them away. but try to correct yourself and be yourself.

laugh then punch them on the nose

I know it probably gets old to hear "just ignore it", but it really does work.At first it might make them even more angry that you pay them no mind , but they will eventually find someone or something else to pick on.It brings them joy to see you get hurt or frusterated so when you do that they will keep on doing it.The way I think of it is others make fun of people when they are extremely self-concious or to make them feel better about themselves or even sometimes, i know it sounds crazy, to try and become more popular I guess you could say.Which I think it only attracts people to hang out w/ others when they act like that because there is always a head of the pack and the rerst are scared. So like I said before just ignore it.

depends on how important you think they are

Miss Susan
Pray for them and thank the Lord that he has made something unique about you that causes someone to make fun of you. The Lord Jesus Christ gives each of us special gifts and abilities to use for his glory and our good. To learn more, check out some of these sites: chick.com, cvm.com, walkintheword.com, stevefarrar.org, rbc.org, michaelcard.com, bethmoore.org, livingalegacy.com. Enjoy your special life and have sweet friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ!

i dunno.. but most probably i don't like the person enough to even bother..

Astro;Andy H.
This is a broad topic.I almost agree with the 1st anws.But that may just make things worst.I have always approached the person who made fun of me in private and ask them what their motive was;and could please lay off.If that don,t work then say WOW!! THAT WUZ A NASTY CRACK,SPEAKING OF NASTY CRACKS HOW'S YOUR OLD LADY,OR WOW,THAT WUZ A LOW BLOW MAN.SPEAKING OF LOW BLOWS HOW'S BUSINESS?

Steven B
Kill them.

Don't even ask questions or give them time to react.

Throw feces at them and laugh.

Ignore it...rise above it, otherwise you just lower yourself to their level.

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