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What should an anemic person eat?
i have a mild case of animea, have had it most of my life, but its not bad enough for me to consider taking supplements. however, for anyone who is in the same boat, what foods are best for people with anemia???
Additional Details
i know food with iron lol but which foods are best, i've read about different types of iron and absorption... thats the part that confuses me, sorry i wasn't very clear

Foods high in IRON

any food rich in iron such as red meat, spinach, anything that is red is high in iron. you can also cook your food in cast iron pan and it'll give you some iron.

you should eat liver....liver has lots of iron....or if you don't like liver eat anything loaded with iron

You should eat vitamins, and food with iron. Try www.bloodbook.com.

Viky 桂皮
You need to eat red meat, spinach and beans. I'm anemic too and I know that those are the foods which contain more iron even if you can find it also in other things. I also take supplements, but you said you don't need them. I heard something about different types of iron too, there is emetic iron and non emetic iron, we need both of them, but emetic iron is found only in meat, while you find a lot of the non emetic one in vegetables. That's why eating meat is important for anemics. Bye bye!

food with lots of iron... duuurr

Randy S
BLACK BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! black beans are a good source of iron,protein,fiber,carbs,and some minerals. Eat some every day

Lucky 7
what is anemia

iron - green veg like brocolli, sprouts, SPINACH etc

make it easy just take some iron pills., cook with an iron skillet, if you are a meat eater eat steak.

food with IRON

beets have lots of the iron you need. spinach as well. take care.

Anything with iron, obviously. Lots and lots of meats of all kinds (including fish) is necessary. You might not want to through iron supplements out. You don't need a prescription if it isn't that bad but go to CVS or the GNV (anywhere that sells pills) and look for a vitamin that has iron in it. Even if it is a low amount, keep your anemia under control.

Lots of green veggies

spinach is fantastic - tastes much, much better raw than cooked (in my opinion)

I suffer with mild anaemia also and I think it would be a good idea just to take maybe a multi-vitamin with iron every day or maybe just an iron supplement - its always good to imrove your health anyway!

take a daily vitamin that contains iron, eat green leafy veggies, and meat

eat red meat for iron and vegetables.Were you a vegetarian,don't go there,

red meat & green leafy vegetables always seem to be the advice for pregnant ladies

Rachel L
depends on what anemia you have....

if you have iron deficiency anemia, eat things with iron (like spinach), or take iron supplements.

if you have vitamin b12 deficient anemia, eat animal products (dairy or meat)

if you have folate deficiency anemia, eat things with folate/folic acid (green leafy veggies).

Liver and Spinach

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