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What should I eat after I was up all night throwing up with tons of diarrhea? I am still feeling a bit queasy.

Chinese Food! Sounds good to me!

I would start with just some dry toast or crackers.

start off with clear liquids. Broth Popciles, apple juice water. then step it up to full liguids or the Brat diet. Bananas rice applesause and toast.
If thats ok just ease yourself back on reg. diet as you get hungry. Rest your system about 48 hr. with the first two diets.
and feel better.

Did you see a doctor?
Drink water, stay away from dairy and sugar.
Like others said, toast and crackers are probably best.
I wouldn't eat fruit or veggies just yet, it may bother your stomach. Some soup is good too--maybe just broth or broth and noodles. I would also stay away from meat until you're feeling better, it's harder to digest.

Crackers and Sprite always work for me after a night like that. When those stay put, then I graduate to broth, chicken noodle soup or Ramen noodles.

start off with trying to keep liquids down..try 7-up or sprite/sierra mist. Something clear..you could even try warm chicken broth. After you are able to hold your liquids down, try some saltine crackers or chicken noodle soup.

clear liquids
broth, jello,that sort of thing

dry toast or plain crackers r usually good to try good luck and feel better

Thomas T
Water, chicken noodle soup, Vernors or 7-up and saltine crackers. This gives you back your electrolytes and replenishes the fluids. But take it easy till your stomach settles.

Gatorade is good to give your body back its electrolytes,that's the main thing that your body loses after a bout with vomiting and diarrhea.If you don't like that, you can try ginger ale and saltines or pedialite for children.

A few suggestions:

1) dry, dark toast. The carbon (the charred part of the toast) actually helps to settle the stomach, while the bread also absorbs toxins and passes them through the digestive system.

2) sushi ginger (sliced ginger root). not only does this taste good, but ginger has natural properties which help to settle stomach acid and alleviate nausea.

3) club soda, The carbonation will ease stomach pains by stimulating the walls of the stomach. Club Soda is best because it lacks the sugar in 7UP and Sprite.

4) Chicken or Beef Broth, The steam will help to clear sinuses, and broth is easy for the stomach to process, and will keep you from being dehydrated.

start back with something soft and easy, chicken and rice.

no doritos!

in case of food poisoning, it's better to fast for 24 hours. Do not eat anything until tomorrow.

But make sure you do not get dehydrated. Drink gatorade or poweraid in order to keep mineral contents intact as you could lose good amount of fluid and vital minerals with diarrhea..

Utopian Friend
Find out why your are vomiting & have diarrhea in the first place! That's not normal! Make sure you're drinking as much water as possible. Try some Gingerale, not any other pop. Then try crackers/bread.
Until you settle the problem stick to liquids & call your doctor!
They can advise the best medical treatment. There are over the counter medications you can take to calm both problems down, but ask your doctor or pharmasist FIRST. PLEASE!

Terry E
First, drink some water - you lost a lot of fluid and salt. Start slowly as you may experience another bout of vomiting. Once your body begins to recover, try drinking some Gatorade (ONLY regular lemon-lime) to replenish your salt. Or, if you can't stomach Gatorade, drink some weakened lemonade (like Kool Aid) with a pinch of salt to help replenish your lost salt.

Second, once you feel well enough, you should consider eating whatever looks or sounds good to you (greasy food like a cold hamburger, cold pizza, or cold roast beef sandwich but avoid veggies at this stage until later in the day/night) - don't force yourself to eat something that's unappealing to you. If you have to, order food from a delivery store/restaurant and slowly eat (about 5 or 6 bites) so your body can get used to having substance in it again.

Third, if you think your symptoms were caused by drinking too much alcohol (e.g., beer, whiskey, rum, tequila, etc.), then go back to sleep but crack a window for cooler than ambient air. It'll comfort you and allow you to sleep for a few hours.


Fourth, if you still can't keep water and food down or "in", visit the ER and they can fix you up with some intraveneous (IV) fluids.

Good Luck!

bananas, rice, apples and toast... or crackers.. The most important thing to do is drink... Gatorade (or anything with electrolytes) is best... hope you feel better soon.

Hmmm, i think you should try a watery fruit, such as cantalope, or try eating a thin, light broth (soup). Cause you dont want to eat anything heavy like meat! Hope you feel better!

i had that a couple weeks ago and my doctor told me to stay on gatorade (because the electrolytes in it will help you regain your strength and the nutrients you threw up) and crackers or plain toasted bread or bagels. It worked for me when I had the stomach flu. hope you get better!

Something that is mostly liquid, but has some food value. When you have symptoms like those you are at a much higher risk of becoming dehydrated, drink lots of water, and wait on the food until you feel you are ready.

Sounds like you have the flu. Make sure you take in several glasses of water so you do not get dehydrated. Last time I had the flu, I had some chicken noodle soup and it helped me feel better. That is what I would recommend you eat.

Ginger ale is good for settling upset stomachs, if you don't like ginger ale (I don't) try some dry ginger snaps.

a broth (vegetable, beef or chicken), mashed potatoes, soup preferably (low sodium one) vegetable or one without too much meat (chicken noodle type).

Take plenty of liquids, maybe add a dash of salt and sugar or have electrolytes.
Have a lot more liquid dies than a solid one, and drink lots of water.
Life's' Lovely! Love & Live LIfe!

Take it easy and nibble on some saltine crackers. SIP some gatorage. I mean, take one sip, wait 20 minutes then have another sip. just take it easy untill you feel better. I know you're going to feel like you want to chug a huge glass of water but don't! You'll just feel worse. I hope you feel better!

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