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What should I do after I threw up?
I dont know why but I just threw up 4 times in like 30 minutes, I felt really bad and uncomfortable, what are the things I can or should do to make myself feel better?

Drink some water and go to sleep.

you should gargge with mouth wash

Art The Wise
Is it because you ate too much? Or it could be something bad in the food. You need to replace your fluids by drinking water to prevent dehydration. If your vomiting continues, go to the emergency room. It could be something bad.

Miss Verlaine
To avoid headaches and muscle cramps associated with an electrolyte imbalance, drink something like Gatorade or Powerade. This will help you avoid dehydration and help prevent furthur medical problems and discomfort. Also, get some rest, and drink more water.

gravol soda
ginger ale
lay down
slow small sips of liquid so u dont dehydrate
keep abucket near by
feel better soon!

Need Answers
find out why if you can- did u eat something bad? do you think its a virus you caught from someone? are you on any medication?
Try taking some medicine like pepto bismol or something.
drink a little soda- the carbonation can help settle your stomach.
stay away from dairy products they can make youre stomach worse...unless you are eating a yogurt containing active live cultures that can help your stomach from being irritable.
Try snacking on some bread or crackers also. and splash cold water on your face.

Drink a lot of water and lay down.

lay down with cold rag on face works for me

ate up
Is someone drugging you? Walk around or jog it off if you feel knumb on the left side of your body.Do not let yourself sleep and keep throwing up to get the poison out...

Wait awhile before you do anything. Then maybe have some saltine crackers and small sips of water. When you are stable drink more water. The alert for signs of temperature and dehydration.

when and how
eat some bread

brush your teeth

Try Pepto Bismol or Maalox or Mylanta. A little coca Cola helps at times. Water if nothing else, so you are not dehydrated. If you vomit again, call 911.

You probably have the stomach flu. Drink fluids and wait it out.

do not consume any more solid food until you can hold down at least a few ounces of fluid, first, only consume about 1-2 ounces of water at a time, as long as you can hold that down increase amount over several hours, then try to eat something like dry toast or maybe soft boiled egg, but for now take a dose of Tylenol just in case you are running a temp., even if your not the Tylenol wont hurt you.....hope you feel better

brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out, then maybe you should call it a day and go to bed!!! Tomorrow hopefully will be a better day!!!

David A
first, wash your mouth out. Nest, get ready for the next bout. Sounds like your in for a rough night.

If you have something like Sprite or 7up, sip a few tiny sips SLOWLY. Lay down and rest. If no clear carbonated soda, try water. Brush your teeth. That usually helps. Don't try food for about 30 minutes.

brush your teeth and go to bed

drink watter

Mary W
eat crackers. If u throw that up u can go to the hospital and they will give u a shot to make it stop. Then they will give u a popsicle to make sure it wont come up

mark c
Drink much more.

Rinse your mouth out with mouth wash or water. Then take deep breaths to prevent yourself from throwing up again.

eat bland food (crackers), drink fluids (sweet tea, with a bit of milk, often helps, ginger ale/tea, chamomile tea, mint tea). you don't know why you suddenly vomited... did you eat something off (perhaps off the list of legal drugs)? if the latter, or it just came on suddenly, you might want to seek medical attention, especially if you've other symptoms. try calling a hospital - sometimes you can get a nurse to diagnose you, over the phone, for free.

drink more beer

Gothic Marthaâ„¢
try some warm jell-o or gatorade/pedialyte. u need some electrolytes. I hope you feel better. It might be the flu or food poisoning! I hope you feel better.

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