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What is wrong with using IRISH SPRING or DIAL for a bath soap?
When I told my coworkers that I use Dial and Irish Spring as a bath soap, they were like "Why do you use that?" kinda-like-eeew-sort of way. They never did give me reason why they think that. They use Dove and Lever.

Is there such thing as designer soap, poor people's soap, grease mokey soap...c'mon what's the deal? Gimme the 411 here.

Using yellow dial or worse, dove will give you the smell like you live with your parents.

Tammi D
you support the Colgate-Palmolive company by doing so.
it's not right that they employ all the people they do.
we need to put that company out of business and those people out of jobs.

hold on a moment...that's utter nonsense. please disregard. likewise to your question.

There's nothing wrong with using those that I know of. I use Irish Spring every day!

Dove is hyped up with moisturizer..and not sure what Lever's angle is. Personnally...as long as you get yourself clean and shower on a regular basis (hopefully at least daily)...who cares if you use Baby Shampoo??

I've used Dial for years...and it's not designer, I'm not poor nor a grease monkey. It's cleans excellently and smells good too.

Dove FLOATS...maybe they're clumsy in the bathtub so that's why the use it.

Nuttin, honey.

Robert W
The ONLY thing I can think of is maybe the Dial and Irish Spring gets mushier in water than the Dove and Lever.. You got me on this one..

Irish Spring is more of the cleaning rugged soap, and Dove is more of the lotion soap that softens the skin and is more a gentle kinda soap. There are different soaps for different people.

♥ Joey ♥
no i think they are just over reacting or messing with you...irish spring smells outrageous! and so does dial.... dove is for SENSITIVE people

My Name Is Ken
I don't know. I've used 'em both as bath soap. Nothing wrong that I can see.

Now, tho, I never use any kind of bar soap. It dries your skin out. I use body wash and to wash my hands, I use liquid soap.

Irish Spring smells awesome. I use Irish Spring body wash and Irish Spring deodorant.

Soap is soap...don't listen to them.

they probably just said that because they dont use it and they feel that what they use is better. dont worry about it. there isnt anything wrong with those soaps. as a matter of fact, i did a science fair project on dial soap and few others, dial is the one that kills the most bacteria. so by using dial, you are actually cleaner than the coworkers who use the expensive dove brands.

I love the smell of Irish Spring soap.

It has a lot of perfumes and chemicals which smell good, but could be bad for you skin.They have drying qualities because of the deodordant.Also it kills helpful bacteria your body needs to stay in a natural balance.There is grease monkey soap which is made for people who do a lot of mechanix.it's a special formulation. there are designer soaps... all they are is extra perfume and softeners.

Dial and Irish Spring are both fine bath soaps . . . although I find Irish Spring to get mushy fairly quickly. Personally I prefer good old Jergens! Wonder what your co-workers would say about that!? I think they're just pulling your leg!

I use Irish Spring and it is the only soap I like! Maybe becuase it is a harsh soap. How did you get on the subject of what soap you use at work?

OH man - they are messing with you. I used plain-ole every day SOAP! No fancy name, no perfumes, no added nuthin........cause if I use anything else I break out in a rash............

Dove & Lever are in the same category as Irish Spring and Dial, you can find all of these brand at Walgreens, can't you? Unless they are washing with Clinique or Lacoste, they shouldn't be sticking their noses up.

Soaps are for cleaning the skin. Each soap has unique ingredients, like perfumes, dyes and other supposed skin softeners and moisturizers. There's nothing wrong with Irish Spring or Dial if you like strong smelling soaps and they don't dry out your skin and make you itch. (That's what both of those soaps do to me.) If you think you need a deodorant soap, know that they kill the good bacteria your skin needs for protection.

I prefer a soap that has a high fat content or has a residual moisturizer...Dove is such a soap. It is often preferred by people with dry or tender skin.

As for designer soaps, many have good ingredients, but they usually have designer prices.

Even an inexpensive soap like IVORY will get you clean and leave no residue -- good for people with allergies or oily or normal skin. It's even gentle enough for babies, but good for the whole family.

I would recommend that you try different soaps to find out how they make your skin feel, then decide what you like. It's not what your co-workers like...it's your skin and your money.

If you want to know more about individual soaps, do a little research. Put the name of a soap in the Google Search Block, and then put--harmful, or good for the skin, something like that, you'll get surprising answer sites. Have fun learning. It'll be something to tell your co-workers you learned about.

They just don't like feeling "magically delicious".

Oh, wait, that's Lucky Charms.

They were probably just messing with you.
There is nothing wrong with those soaps.
I personally think Irish Spring smells really good on men.

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