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what do thay do and how many are there in the body....

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I do...

I feel more irritated than people who are willing to ...

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I's not for me. Once agains it's not for me....

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 What foods will make you sleepy?

 Start Smoking?
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What I want to ...

 HICCUPS - HELP! cures please!!!?
Went to bed with them & woke up with them... have tried the spoon of sugar (which worked for 1/2 hr), breath-holding, water-drinking, some prat trying to scare me ALL DAY!!! 24 hours on and I'...

 Is it Completely Normal To have White Hair at the age of 14?
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during my classes i have a habit of falling asleep even though the classes are intresting. does that mean something? i get about 9 hours of sleep a day yet i can't stay awake. is that normal?...

 Do girls like guys with mustache?
beard, side burns....

 My 7 week old daughter is constipated?
she is completely formula fed after combined breast and formula till last week. I use the right amount of powder to water, should I increase the water a little ?
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 Why, after 5 shots of vodka, do I get this sudden attack of nausea and vommiting? And how can I prevent it?

What is best way to break a finger?

Stick it in a chicks butt when she's not expecting it

Benjamin W
trying to collect workers comp? Slam it in a door, or get in a saw accident, the latter though you may end up loosing your finger perminantly.

pull it back so it touches the back of your hand

ball peen hammer... thats always fun.

why do you want to break a finger? it hurts like ****. i've broken all ten of mine at some point and time. dont do, but if you really want to, try serving a few volleyballs with the tips of your fingers.

slam a car door on it--REALLY hard....but why would you want to break your finger?

Flip off a biker

Mr. Guy
someone else must do it. yo adrian!

Why would anyone need this information? Slam a door on it....that's how I broke my finger several years ago.

Smash it with a brick?

Wipper Snipper
say please and I'll do it for you.

Punch the wall.

mrs. johnson
depends on where you put it

um cut it put it in a car door

Are you a glutton for punishment? Well if you must break your finger, make sure it's a clean break. at the joints preferably. so it can be readjusted and no long residual after effects.
once broken,even with splints, , sometimes the original alignment is gone. and complete use of your hands. Also, try breaking only the pinkie.
its use is not that impt compared to the other digits.

ь׀а ь׀а ь׀а░░▒▒░░
nice Q.
also wanna know

You can ask one of your enemies, if you have any, to pull your finger back really hard.............why would you want to do that anyway?

Brutal honesty is best
In a car door while I am unconscious.


borrow money from a loan shark and dont pay it back

Larry R
sludge hammer

catch a baseball with no glove...have seen it work numerous times

Twist and bend to left or right

Disgusting question though

Punch you in the nose?


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