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What is a quick easy way to get sick?
Well here there is snow and it's cold. And I don't want to go to school tomorrow so what's a good way to get sick and fast?

Stick your finger down your throat...works every time!

you can always fake...
or eat something bad
so you get food poisoning

Laura G
watch the movie, Ferris buelers day off

Pink Girl
Dont get sick just fake it, get warm water and splash it on your forehead, wake up late like you were so passed out you couldnt hear the alarm, and make alot of dying noises, worked for me


cuz you wont get sick in time...

Ariel B
Expose yourself to somebody else who is sick.

If you're dumb enough to try, drink Stricnine! Caution: Do not take me seriously!

About 3 hrs. before you go to school, do this:

1 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup OJ
2 tbs pepper
2 tbs salt
1/4 cup coke cola
3 tbs mouthwash

mix it in a bowl, drink it all (tastes very bad) and then do a cupple jumping jacks, and you sure to have a nasty stomch ace

I ever heard of putting half an onion in your armpit.
I've got no idea if it works, though.

Take care ?!?


fake it, or makeout with some sick guy in a hospital

Jackie-Libra Queen
Take your a $ $ to school!

go to the hospital ER and have a sick guy breath on you

Just go to school. You could learn something there, and you will be exposed to more germs there than at home.

wat the first girl said

pickles and dr. pepper

drink after a sick person

Just fake it, what's the fun of being off if your too sick to enjoy it? I suggest you fake a stomach problem and say your head is killing you.

PS definitely don't take strychnine, it will cause every muscle in your body to convulse uncontrollably until you eventually die from exhaustion (no real cure)

dunno, pretend to be sick, thats what most people do

Smile- conquers the world
slice two onions n put them underarms for an hour. U will feel sick

Lick the toilet tank

you already are

if you miss tomorrow your going to have make it up and it cut into your fun time this weekend. plus it going to still be cold.

you're a weapons-grade moron and the fact that you'd rather be home actually ill with something than go to school and learn just proves it.

Everyone need s a break now and again but most people just fake it.

Sounds to me like you can't really spare another day off from school - unless you want to be earning minimum wage the rest of your life go learn something.

we all have to do things in life we do not want to go, like go to work or school. if you intentionally want to get sick I think you should see a mental health counselor as this seem to be a problem.

the easy way to get sick is take cold shower with the fan on. You might also want to turn on your air condition before you sleep.

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