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What home remedies do you use for a sore throat and cough?


Get some whiskey, honey, lemon and a peppermint. Boil it together and drink it hot. Whatever you have you want have it in the morning....

Whiskey,honey,and lemon.

hot todi

brandy or cognac with lemon heated for 45 seconds in microwave

gaggle with pickle juice....for the cough I use Ricola Syrup from Whole Foods Market...its all natural..

ping is right

As trite as it sounds, warm salt-water gargles several times a day are still the best remedy for mild sore throats. Warm liquid JellO is very soothing temporarily.

hot tea with a vicks cough drop in it with a tablespoon honey

I normally smoke 20 cigarettes, drink a bottle of vodka and hit the clubs (make the most of your paid work sick days!!!) lol xxx

Dan The Man
take some hot water and add two tbls lemon juice and one tablesoon honey. Drink slowly. It will soothe your cough.

Honey and lemon...it taste great....u can mix it together and drink it down....u can also gargle with warm salt water...or cough drops.

hot water honey and lemon

hot water with honey and lemon juice

Andi Rolf
Old remedy for cough: carrot syrup.
Slice a big carrot very thin to a dish and put lots of sugar on top of it.
Leave overnight and in the next morning drink the juice it has formed.
Eat the carrot slices in the end.
Repeat this for 2 or 3 days.

Sore throat: onion tea (it sounds obnoxious and it tastes real bad but does the trick, believe me).
Slice and onion in two but don't peal it.
Add 1 or 2 garlics sliced in half with the skin still on, too.
Water must be 2/3 above the onion.
Try it to drink very hot.

Hope you feel better soon.

grape juice and orange juice together

ღஐ Queen B ஐღ
Throat Gel

dirty sock gently placed over throat area overnight

c*m - need to swallow

gargle with warm salt water.

put some salt in warm water, and garggle for about 5 minutes. put a warm compressant on your chest and throat. drink lots and lots of herbal tea! trust me, the next day you'll feel great.

For a sore throat gargle with salt water, for the cough swallow a teaspoon of honey.

Warm some honey in the microwave and add some lime after

This is really gross, but if you take a glass of warm water and put about 2 table spoons of salt and gargle with it, it really helps and eventually goes away really quick...good luck

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