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viviane b
What happens when u smoke weed 4 the first time?
i want 2 try weed but i wouldnt drink or anything b4 it, i just wanna know wats gonna happen 2 me if i do it

I wouldn't be stupid enough to smoke "weed". It is as dangerous and addictive as other drugs. I'm so sick of the "weed" misconceptions. Don't smoke it.


you've waisted your time and u dont think about
the future thatss whutt happenss


ur gunna die 0_0

It's hard to explain. You'll feel weird, like you have rods in your shoulders, or just weird sensations in your body. You might feel dizzy or your head will just feel weird. Anything you say out loud will sound funny and might make you laugh. Once you start laughing, it's very hard to stop. You might get very hungry, or very nervous. Or all of the above. Pot is only psychologically addictive- it is NOT physically addictive. Or, if it is, it's really not that hard to quit. Quitting caffeine is more difficult. Trust me ;) and have fun. Don't drive or anything.

You'll get arrested!

Well...vivian your going to have to die...

first you get high
then you get arrested
then you buy more in jail
then you get killed when your cell mate wants some

You become a loser then u get knocked up then all Americans waste their tax dollars supporting you and your kids b/c u dropped out of High School and didnt get an education.

Don't do it! It's really not worth it; you can feel "high" for a little while but then you feel worse than before you had it. You have to have more to get yourself "up" again, then you become dependent on the joint. It's addictive. If your friends do it, well, take a look at them. Are they doing better now than before they were on drugs?

Check out my source website for some straight facts.

Short-term Effects:

Users suffer loss of coordination and distortions in their sense of time, vision and hearing. Other effects are sleepiness, reddening of the eyes, increased appetite and relaxed muscles. Heart rate can speed up. In fact, in the first hour of smoking marijuana, a user’s risk of a heart attack increases at least five-fold. School performance is reduced through impaired memory and lessened ability to solve problems.

Long-term Effects:

Long-term use can cause psychotic symptoms. It can also damage the lungs and the heart, worsen the symptoms of bronchitis and cause coughing and wheezing. It may reduce the body’s ability to fight lung infections and illness.

Paul B
Makes you dizzy. My friend smoked one 6h ago, and last time I talked to him(4h ago) he was dizzy like ****.

You become addicted without knowing it. True, because everyone that I know that still smokes it says that they're not addicted, but yet have been smoking it since school days.

You'll just become a 30, 40, 50 something year old and still smoking weed.
If everyone added up the money that they would have saved by not buying it , they probably could have bought a car or socked away a pretty penny for retirement.

Amanda W
You will get addicted and it is very hard to quit trust me. It can cause many bad things to learn more about it go here to see why you shouldnt smoke http://www.kidshealth.org/teen/drug_alcohol/tobacco/smoking.html

Jacob B
dont listen to these people, youll get high and itll be fun

you feel baked as **** sit on a couch and then eat food and watch TV thats what happens and its the greatest moment of your life

honestly probably nothing. the first time, absolutely NOTHING happened to me, I thought I was immune to whatever made people want to do it. I wouldnt recommend smoking pot/weed whatever you want to call it, because it can turn you into a lazy worthless piece of garbage in the long run, or it could have other effects like paranoia (why I stopped smoking it) & it sometimes can make it easier to try the other more harmful drugs... no one can force you to do it or not to do it, you have to make that decision yourself, but please think hard about it.
btw in the long run each "joint" has 10x the tar that a regular cigarette has... so yes if you smoke a lot over time you can develop cancer from it... the tar is the resin... think it over.

you will cough like crazy, feel stupid and paranoid for a couple of hours, and then get sleepy and eventually fall asleep.

I don't recommend it.

the first tiime some folks say it blows em away, some says no effect....for me it was no effect, but really i wouldnt encourage it

dan the man
when i first tried it, i felt nothing... i just felt a bit dizzy. the third time i did it, it really kicked in and it was amazing... most people do feel it the first time though. i had a lot and still felt nothing. :S. try it a few times... you will feel it some time or another. and don't listen to these dumbasses on here who says it bad and illegal. i know people 60 years old, smoking pot all their life, and i bet they know more than all the people in this post. they've definitly never tried weed. have fun buddy.
ps to the people who said its addicting... i never get cravings for it and im not addicted, i do it because i like it.

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