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What happens the first time you smoke weed?
I heard that some people cough alout and some times get really dizzy and past out how long does it take to get high and how long does it last?. what exactlly happens the first time a person smokes weed? **no im not going to do im not that crazy just curios**

Rob G
You get high,get hooked,have no money for the rest of your life then you die,so don't do it.

You kill off brain cells, wreck synapses, ruin your stomach, make yourself into a bumbling fool and inhale double the tar of a cigarette.
I know people who smoke it, they have bloodshot eyes, are lazy, always want it and never sleep.
It's pretty much the dumbest thing in the world.
Have a nice day! =]

Well i got really hunger and ate everything, silly , than sleeping as hell. My friend on the other hand Saw snow falling in the middle of July in NY. Could not breath, her face she said felt like it was puffing up but we did not see any thing she made it fun.

Tommy P
You officially become a retard!

Some people faint, fall asleep or become unconcious. I'm glad that your curious and that you not asking this because your going to smoke weed. Weed is very dangerous and could cause major brain damage and health problems.

the munchy from hell so if you r skinny and like u'r body the way u like it don't do it.

well im not sure if dope and weed are the same things but my friend takes dopes and he smokes it through a bong, ive tried it plenty of times but its jus not for me anyway usually ur first time is the hardest if u take it through a bong, since it feels like it scrathes ur throat and it wrecks, while u smoke it u breath it into ur lungs instead of swallowing it, cause then u might get a bad stomach ache and it wrecks trust me. Anyway wen me and my friend smoked dope, well me personally i became light headed and it felt rele good, it also depends on wat type of dope u get cause the stronger it is the better feelin its is and usually the more stronger it is ur eyes become squinted lol well i dont smoke dope anymore im a good boy :) its not like i get lit outta my head every weekend now lol ohh yeah or could could jus make a splif and smoke it like a cigarrette but u wont feel the feeling right after, bongs are the fastest way :)

Jessica F
they "whitey"

i know a lot of people didn't get high the first time they smoked.

this is what possibly could happen when you get high, everyone is different: you get hungry, sleepy, happy, paranoid, artsy/creative, have weird *** conversations, laugh your *** off

it isn't physically addicting, some people get mentally hooked.

After you choke on the smoke you will get high right away, you might get paranoid.

I've never smoked it but I know they do cough a lot. Since the bodies aren't really adjusted to the smoke they may cough a lot.

I also know they'll start to feel really dizzy and "high". So they may do stupid things and not think of the consequences.

Then they'll probably fall asleep afterwards.....

William M
most of the time - nothing

weed has a very light effect unless you smoke a ton of good bud

its not like being drunk really

but a lightly notable change of mind

depends on the weed strength and breed

The first time u smoke weed you jus get really sleepy, you might even fall asleep if ur not busy, and u will be really hungry for some odd reason. even if u ate sometime close in the past. it doesn't feel bad at all aftawards.

well it depends on who u are and how much you smoke but its alot like get like really really drunk thats the close you can come to knowing what its like without doing it and it can take as little as 30 seconds to feel it or 10 mins it dependes

really dizzy and hungry.

It depends on if you smoke it correctly. You don't smoke pot the same way you smoke a cigarette. You have to really inhale it, and the first time you problably will cough if you've done it right. Once you get used to it, you want to keep it in your lungs as long as possible, so you don't waste it. Finally, you exhale. If it's good stuff you could get high on 1 or 2 hits almost immediately. Then everything seems better and funnier. Like if you watch a TV commercial, it's like a little movie. You notice all the music in the background and everything you didn't notice before. It's fun for awhile, but then you get paranoid, and being naturally high is better and MUCH safer. :)

get high

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