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What happens in your body if you don't eat?
If, say, you went for 1 week without eating a thing, what would happen inside your body?

youd shrivel up like a giant raisin, please take pictures if you do this, it would be hilarious

El pond
You get ulsers in your stomach because if it has nothing inside at some point he'll start digesting the stomach walls. Then your body will use the stored fat to get all the necessary "food" to the rest of your body. Your brain won't work well either since healthy blood won't be getting up there.
Are you planning a strike or something?

Start to die?

You become superman, try it.

Geraint J
Your body eats your stored fat then your muscle and you can loose hair and then you could die so its eats itself

just another teenage disaster
ur body will eat ur insides or eat up all ur stored fat and u will feel tired all the time because u have NO energy

the body starts eating itself.

Your digestive system shuts down first.Then other bodily functions like your liver start to fail. All the while your body is heavily reliant on stored energy from adipose and suger stored in your liver. Once you've used up all your body's resources, it basically switches off. Short term effects are fatigue and weakness, long term effects are death.

The time it takes for this level of degradation depends on your existing bodily stores. When you stop being silly and start eating again, your body in famine mode will instinctively lay down adipose for the next time you starve yourself (yeah, you get fat) and the damage you do to your kidneys and liver is probably irreversable. Say hello to dialysis at thirty.

it would explode, don't do it

however eating yourself sounds like a fun way to die too doesn't it?

your body realizes you are starving, it uses up your fat stores, starts to eat away at your muscles, and lowers it's metabolism to try to keep you alive longer. Eventually your organs don't get the energy and nutrients they need and they shut down

Madison B.
you will gain weight-your body thinks its going in starvation
collapse due to energy loss
loose muscule-your body will have nothing else to munch on,so when you dont eat,it goes straight to the muscule

it would use the fat to survive, but you would eventually die

Well contrary to what everyone is saying, if you didn't eat for a week you would NOT die! lol but you would probably lose a few pounds and your stomach would shrink. When you stop eating your body uses all of the protein it has inside your stomach and bowels before it starts eating itself. But it is true, within a few days your body would start using your fat for energy; if you extend this type of diet it would eventually start eating your muscles and then you will look disgusting... If you are wanting to go on a diet instead of starving yourself trying eating an apple for breakfast, an apple for lunch and then have whatever you want for dinner. That is what I do and the apple actually has negative calories (meaning: your body uses more calories to digest than how many calories are in the apple) so you lose weight by eating them...

Phoenix Kitty™
Your body pretty much begins to eat itself. If your body eats half of its protein you die.

you die

It starts to work on itself for nutrients. Like your muscles/organs.

The body will begin to break down fat and muscle to use for energy. Your metobolism will come to a crawl and you will probably be dehydrated. Weakness but you will already be past the point of hunger.

you body breaks down you mussel to fuel your body and the liner in your stomach and you will end up dyeing of starvation

Well, eventually, you die! just kiddin, I guess you would probably get really weak and develop Anemia, wish I could stop eating thow!

richard m
u might have all ur organs shut down on u and consequently death may occur

Symptoms of Inadequate Food Consumption

Although not as critical as going without water, missing even just a few meals can cause a host of undesirable complications for the would-be survivor. Although we will not starve while going without food for several days or even a week, being underfed for even just one day can cause:

* Irritability
* Low moral
* Lethargy
* Physical Weakness
* Confusion and disorientation
* Poor judgment
* Weakened immune system
* Inability to maintain body temperature which can lead to hypothermia, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke.

Medical Doctors Commonly cite 4 to 6 weeks without food

10 Political Prisoners in Ireland Lived 46 to 73 days before succumbing to lack of food

12 individual starvation protestors Two lost tongues, 1 lost feet, 7 on kidney dialysis

Many war prisoners Lived 28 to 40 days with no food

World War II concentration camps With only 300 to 600 calories per day, many thousands did not have enough food to survive more than a few months at best.

Terminally Ill patients Live 10-days to 3-weeks without food depending upon initial heath

Obese Can live from 3-weeks up to 25-weeks and more without food depending upon initial health and amount of fat

Mahatma Gandhi Survived a 3-week fast while in his 70's

Jamie P
The fat storage will break down in your body.

Drew the Spartan
One week? Death.

But your body goes into starvation mode. Basically it burns your lean muscle mass while holding on to fat cells. Very, VERY unhealthy!

Marina R
Your body would use stored glycogen, then start in on fat stores and eventually begin to use valuable muscle tissue to keep going. Water intake is a must but most people can go without food for a few days and come out OK.

Your digestive enzymes would go on strike, holding little signs that would say "more food now, stop the occupation!" if only you were tiny enough to read them.

Jennifer M
Your body begins to eat itself and your metabolism shuts down. I was anorexic when I was a teen and now I'm overweight because I messed my metabolism up. Don't do it, it's better if you lose weight the right way.

your body will begin reacting by breaking down your muscle andincreasing your fat supply and you will gain waight but only for a short amount of time before your body starts burning that fat and then everything startsto shut down
must commonly seen in 3rd world countries

Your body eats itself and contrary to belief it does not eat fat first it eats muscle.

Your body begins to break down any stored fat - it basically eats itself.

it would go into starvation mode... conserving fat and burning muscle tissue to survive.

To stay alive, you need 1,650 calories each day. Your body can store about twelve hundred calories of carbohydrates- most of them in your liver. Just being alive, you burn through all your stored calories in less than one day. After that, you burn fat. Then muscle.

This is when your blood fills with ketones. Your serum-acetone concentrations soar, and your breath starts to smell. Your sweat stinks of airplane glue. Your liver and spleen and kidneys shrink and atrophy. Your small intestine swells from disuse and fills with mucus. Ulcers open up holes in the wall of your colon.

As you starve, your liver converts muscle to glucose to keep your brain alive. As you starve, your hunger pains disappear. After that, you're just tired.

Once you burn through 70 to 94 percent of your body fat, and 20 percent of muscle, you die. For most people this takes sixty-one days.

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