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What happens if you take 5 ex lax in one night?
is it bad? should I be trying to throw it up? or will it just make me ...siht..
Additional Details
ok. so it's not going to kill me or anything ... right?

you are an idiot for even asking the question. No more commentary necessary, your an idiot... 97% your voting for Obama

What happens?

You'll learn something about yourself. That you're an idiot.

You either vomit it up or find a big diaper but depending on how long ago you took it might limit your ability to throw it up and you just have to ride it out on the toilet Sorry :):)
No it will not kill you....

You cant die from laxative overdose lmao. If you've ever known someone that had surgery, ask them about the night before. they have to drink a gallon of this laxative so they are super clean lol.

u should message me on yahoo :)

President Obama
You'll wake up at 6am with your stomach rumbling like crazy!

Depends - that is my suggestion - wear depends!

As for killing you, by morning you are going to be wishing that it had!

Are you that constipated? You and the toilet will BBF tonite.
I hope you aren't abusing this because it can create big problems.

Good luck to a healthy chit

missy a
Well your going to s**t a LOT.......lol. i wouldn't do that again.

You will shoot your brains out!!

Why on earth would you take so many? Read labels before you take medication. Most likely you will be spending a lot of time on the toilet tonight, if you start experiencing any swelling, abominable pain, blood in the stool, vomiting, seek medical attention ASAP. You should be okay but your colon is going to hate you.

And next time, read the label fully and DO NOT take more than recommenced unless advised by a health care provider.


No most likely are not going to die, but like I said if you experience any short of pain or swelling, blood vomiting go to the doctor!

How you like dem oysters?
You'll poop big tomorrow with maybe some cramps and nausea...

umm thats alot of laxitive take some multivitamins and drink plenty of water...youre about to have some explosive diarhea. be sure to eat so you dont like lose your minerals and such

ya ya

your toilet will be your best friend . . . sorry sister

never would have guessed
Get ready for an extremely FUN night :~)

you are going to crap your brains out. probably have some cramps and gas too.

oh hi.
you're going to literally sh*t your brains out.

You will either have a shitty night or wear a path to the toilet

that's how babies are made. you'll be giving birth soon.

you might sh*t yourself lol.. call the pharmacist

you will be sleeping on the toilet tonight.

You will have the worst stomach cramps...They really start hurting.
After your "empty" because of all the exlax you will become constipated...and yes, stomach cramps in morning.

Drink lots and lots of water if you just did this. and...use a warming pad for cramps.

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