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John N
What happens if you hold your farts in ?
I dont by the way, but have been asked to do so

After a while a room clearer will happen. I dare you , hold it !!!......... HOLD IT!!!.

Martin B
The world won't get polluted.

Funky Munky´s back
You get all bloated and full of gas. It's not very good for you either, it will give you bad stomach pain.

Excuse me but my I ask the question, hold them in where? In your hand? In your mouth? In my opinion you have not thought this one out before asking the question. This sounds like a load of verbal diarrhoea. Now go away and think of something sensible to ask and wipe your bum.

y.ou know when you let a balloon go when it is blown up but not tied and it flies all over the place well thats what happens to you after holding a fart in. you could be in your lounge and by the time its finished you might be in a lounge 2 streets away but hey what fun that will be. in fact i think i might try that next time i need a fart.so watch out theres a fart about.

Bloating and abdominal discomfort is probably as bad as it could get. I would look into Beano or examine your diet to see if there is perhaps some changes that you can make that would decrease the amount of flatulence your body produces.

They'll come out later when you sleep or are on the toilet.

you get really bad breath, lol.

Turn out like pop eye (>>------( o )-( o )--------<<)

I had to add that bit for the fun of it :D:D:D

dont be the lab rat! let them go pop!

Patrick Star
I dunno', they probrably go away eventually.

your burps smell of ar5e

Sara S
You get a bad stomach ache!! LOL

you burp

You will explode lol

it will just be uncomfortable and your belly will be huge

I rekon they will get worse and worse and come out eventually like a stench of the worse kind?
Or maybe they will pop through your belly button!

Well, eventually they will come out while you sleep.

Harry O


If they need to come out, they will.

You absolutely cannot injure yourself by holding them in.

The world will be a better place!!:D

Dr Stupid
You will become middle-class.

It is a well documented cultural phenomenon that the middle-classes in England never ever fart.

Except doctors.

Van der Elst
They eventually find their way to your brain, and that is what makes all the sh*tty ideas happen

you will explode

Ferrari Babe ¸.•*´`*♥ ♥*´`*•.¸
Sometimes you get stomach ache. I let mine out in Supermarkets to make people think the produce has 'gone off'. Truthfully, I can't always control when they get out.

After about three weeks your eyes pop out and your hat blows off.

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