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Mrs. Moltisanti
What happens if you don't pee for a long time?
For example, you are at work in a meeting and you absolutely must go, but you cannot leave and it starts to hurt?

Yup thats me
it can poison your blood stream and kill you

I guess you just gotta pee or I think you could get an infection and eventually you'll have too go pee anyways

It is not good for you to hold it in for a prolonged period of time. You will end up wetting yourself if you don't go to the bathroom. Just say, "Excuse me...I have some business to take care of." It's as simple as that. If someone doesn't like that, tell them to shove it. They wouldn't like it if they were told not to go to the bathroom.

Super tiny kidney damage.

Depending on what is "a long time" go to your doctor, who will then send you to a urologist. Something is wrong.

Find a way to postpone the meeting, or you could damage your bladder and kidneys.

It hurts a lot for a while, then the pain will stop and you feel like you don't need to pee anymore. If that happens a few times, you may get an infaction or something and then every time you need to go to the toilet it will hurt and maybe bleed. Go to the toilet before meetings. It helps.

If you postpone peeing regularly, in the long run youe kidney will be affected.

ur in risk of kidney failure.. i learned it the hard way

lol nice question. im really good at that. sometimes, i forget to go in the morning when i wake up and then i go all through school and the afternoon until around 7 and then i go. lol i guess i have a strong bladder!

Terry F
You can't hold it in just by pure force of will (and muscles)
You will pee in your pants.
If you do this a lot, you may get an infection in your urethra.

It digests. Yuck lol.

once you get the bladder infection it will feel like you are pissing razor blades(not good).and it will damage your kidneys

that's a very bad thing to do.. you have to drink a lot of water and urinate occationally.. else you might get kidney stones.. they are quite painful..

that always happens to me.. because in my school my teachers do not want us to use the bathroom that often for some reason.. but ihave a small blatter and always have to go.
if you hold it for too long it could do some serious damage to your blatter.

Paul A
this one lady actually died. It was a radio contest. She and some other people had to drink like a gallon of water and who ever held it in the longest won. She also died.

If it stays in the bladder for to long it starts to poison the body.

Well, it's certainly not good for you. If that happens, make sure you go as soon as possible and stay hydrated. At some point during the meeting you should just excuse yourself and go.

Janell D
Many females for a years have had this problem... it will only cause problems when you are older.. Your bladder will be stretched and look like a deflated balloon, it will grow more and more difficult to empty it as you age.

♥ Blondie ♥
If u make a habit of this.. u will come down with a bladder infection...
be sure to go asap..
Good luck

then something is wrong go to the docter

youd probably die.there was a lady out here in sacramento ca it was a contest hold ur wii for a wii when they had to drink so much water then hold there bladder the ldy died because her bladder exploded

It's bad for your kidneys.

♥mary d♥
u go in your pants (hopefully not) or your bladder can get irritated and cause infections

gossip girl
Either you pee in your pants, or your bladder will explode.

you could get a bladder infection and you can get to the point where you just pee yourself since your bladder can't hold it anymore

My old biology teacher was talking about this before. Basically it will reach a point where there is too much liquid in the bladder and as one of those bodily reactions it will automatically release it.

If you need to go to the bathroom,GO! If you need to pee, that,s all you are going to be thinking about, anyway. You,re not a kid. Grown-ups decide for themselves if and when they need to void, and if my experience of business meetings is anything to go by, you probably won,t miss much. Just excuse yourself and say " i,m sorry ,but I have an urgent need to go to the bathroom" and leave. If you are in pain or extreme discomfort, it,s a sign that your sphincter muscle is straining to hold your bladder shut. Stress urinary incontinence is not uncommon in women ,eventually your bladder will probably release a small amount of urine in order to relieve the pressure. Don,t drink coffee,pop before or during meetings, sip water instead.Continuous stress on the sphincter may cause serious incontinence later on.

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