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Ilpo P
What happens if I punch someone to face?
so what happens to him I punch and what happens to me?

does that guy go to hospital? does he broke teeth's?

do I have to pay to that guy? do I have to go to juvenile hall?

and last is there possibility that I kill him????

hah-wait to get back what u do!actions alwayz have reactions!!

Miley Cyrus
well first what did he do and it depends how hard you hit him but one punch cant really kill!!! maybe 5 or 6 but like that other guy said violence isn't the answer

U sound gay!

1) If you punch someone in the face: You need anger management classes. Seriously. Violence is never the answer.
2) If he/she ends up going to the hospital with broken teeth or other facial fractures: You are going to have the biggest law suit on your hands, not to mention you would be held accountable for all the person's hospital bills.
3) Do you have to pay? Yes, and if you do not have a job, your poor Parents will have to empty out their pockets for your bad behavior.
4) Do you have to go to Juvenile Hall? I would recommend that if I was the Officer in charge of your case, either that or some serious Boot Camp where you can learn how to control your anger and learn proper behavioral skills.
5) Punching someone in the face can end up killing the person depending how much force their heart can take. And if that happens, you'll never see the light of day for the rest of your life.
**So think very wisely before you act upon your anger and make a huge mistake that can cause you a life time.**

it all depends on how you hit him
all of these are possible

If your trying to put yourself in prison this is the question for you. Don't do it. You'll either go to prison pick up trash on the street or go to an insane aslylum. sO Moral of the story: don't punch somebody in the face or you'll pay the consequenses!!!!!

Well, at least you're asking the questions before you 'punch' him.
You may have to do those things juvie etc. Then who won? Not you you're in jail. Meantime, he heals and is out in the world.
I can't stand guys fighting. I have no respect for them because they didn't try to work it out like men. talking things out---later when you aren't mad--people respect it more. Any idiot can throw a punch.
Try not to kill him--you'll go away long time.
Happy to see so many answers telling you not to fight...it's so immature. How many grown guys do u see fighting---(drunks excluded since you can't reason with a drunk.)

If you punch someone in the face and someone notices, then you will probably get sent to jail for a short time, depending on how serious the damage was. Anyway, i'm not completely sure what would happen because I never have or will punch someone in the face!

Huh? Are you planning on hitting someone? Don't be silly. Go and find something else to do.

Jafarrr Babyyy ♥
why would you wanna do that?? that doesn't solve anything.

Dwayne D
you better be ready to be hit back. you could be the one going to the hospital,FOOL!

Jay K
If you don't punch him hard enough, his head is gonna go back, then he's gonna start haymaking at you. Or he might wrap you up with his arms to wrestle you to the ground to find a stable place to start beating you. If you hit him too hard he might get knocked cold and, in a shocked position, he might wallup his head off the pavement and die. They'll charge you with murder. You don't have nothing to worry about there, champ. I suggest you not worry about what happens when you punch somebody's face, but what the reaction will be. You might be able to find a gym and be somebody's boxing sparring partner. Then you will understand. You don't understand right now.

It depends how and where on the face. If you make hard contact then there is a probability of breaking facial structures like nose, eye sockets, jaw. There are other possibilities of breaking blood vessels like in the temple or injuring eyes, teeth, tongue or throat. So the punch(es) may also cause a loss of consciousness that could cause the person to falling down. Injuries from that could be a broken skull or jaw etc. So you can see there are lot injuries that inflicted. Some of these could be minor but some could be major injuires requiring hospitalisation or even death.

As a consequence you could face an assault charge or civil proceedings in which case you would be liable for the expenses and damages. However for the more serious injuries jail or a murder or manslaughter charges could be follow.

You might consider that maybe violence is probably not a good option as you can never predict with certainty what the outcome will be.

what happens if you dont punch him?

Neither of you go to the hospital. Neither of you lose teeth. Neither of you

have to pay. Neither of you have to go to juvenile hall. and neither of you

will have to kill each other and leave loved ones behind.

I would say find an alternate route to deal with the real problem.

I'm just fighting temptation
Don't punch someone in the face, you could end up in juvenille. Is it worth it? In a few years when you're trying to get jobs you'll have a juvie record and people won't trust you, you'll be labelled. Is having the satisfaction of hitting someone worth losing your freedom?Cause you can be punished badly for assault, especially these days. (I did a stint in juvie myself when I was a teen and it's not how you want to spend your youth, believe me)

Now a days its not easy to just have a normal fight and not get in trouble. if there's a police report than you will pay for the damages.

Don't. Violence is never the answer.

You probably get punched back..harder.

I reply like you talk.
Okay Thankyou..

If you punch to someone face, you get trouble, you bad boy, you not do good, you do bad.

If he report police, you can get fine, or you can get assualt charge to you, oooh bad boy yes, okay.

he might broke his teeths yes.
he might have to hospital yes.

Dude, Next time before you put up a question, learn some English, or post it in your own language.
Although it is rather funny.


you need to go back to school and learn how to write... you dont need to be fighting

You can break your own hand doing that.

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