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hayley b
What foods should you avoid if you have a persistant cough?

see a doctor as a persistant cough will kill you

peanut butter on crackers

Flaky and crumbly foods like pastries, pies, biscuits etc. Any food that can become a dangerous projectile when fired from your mouth...

I have a persistant cough, and was given inhalers, as it is a type of asthma. It does help. I also avoid aerosols, and have found certain cleaning materials cause me to cough. (so avoid housework!) Avoid chocolate (Boo to that!) Also, certain perfumed stuff, or incence sticks. There is a shop that sells all sorts of perfumed soaps that I cannot go into without having a coughing fit.

Oh, and not meaning to be rude, but if you are overweight, losing it helps.

There have been some really good answers so far, it will take time to know what to avoid.

Dalvinder K
pop corn definatly, being serious...!!

Dairy produce promotes the formation of mucus which collects and then you keep on coughing. Nuts can also effect one in this way.
Keep your throat moist by having a glass of water with you at all times and sip it often. Also in general drink more water and your whole system will be hydrated.

depends on if the cough is caused by a disease or smoking or shouting to much...
If it an infection avoid anthing that will help the bacteria multiply quicker like milk cheese, yogurt etc....
oh and coffee... think that messes up the throat as well!

kerrie h

spicy food, acidy food and drinks like coffee.

kerry s
bananas are bad for you if you have weak lungs

ms. simplicity
avoid milk seems to be a congestive..it isnt a food though

Avoid dairy foods as this produces more gunk.

Dairy if it a phlemy cough.

Anything that could give you diarrhea :P

mister roy jones
plants and dirts

you should avoid salty food,cold drinks,and too much oily food it makes coughing worse.

bad person
defenetely foods that are mushed, softer for you to swallow and maybe just in case see a doctor

Dairy products .

Dairy products because they increase mucus in the throat, cough cake! (nasty dry cake)

Milk and dairy products.
You should have acidic foods like oranges so as to help break up the phlem if there is any. A cough without it should be seen by a doctor.
Actually, coffee can help a cough. The caffee can act as a stimulant and the warmth helps the lungs.

avoid dairy products and bannanas as they produce mucus!!!

Ian G
Avoid all dairy products and avoid chocolate at all costs, it will really clog your chest up

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