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What does it mean when you get random nose bleeds for no reason?
My fiance gets them all the time for no reason and says he has his whole life. Why?

some people just get random nose bleeds. the next he goes to the doctor just ask them if its normal to get that many nose bleeds.

What does it mean? It means he should see a doctor. If it happens often, he needs a medical opinion.

Enjoy your day.

PS, Love your kitty avatar!

laura l
ur fiance must see a doctor soon cause nose bleeding could be a sign for a heart problem . i wish he'll get better soon

Dennis L
Could be weak sinus. Could be he needs to go to the DR and get checked out so he doesn't exsanguinate!

Anon omus
its a common disorder many people have, they are born with their blood vessels closer to the surface inside their nose. therefore making them easier to puncture.

Could be due to defect in blood, high blood pressure, abnormal septum of nose.

My Grandson gets them,The Dr. said it's from weak membranes in his nose. I get them from high blood pressure once in awhile.
Also I get them when my sinus's act up.

it could be high blood pressure

dry air, she should use saline nose drops, or it could be her blood vessels in her nose are too thin, and easily break.

Well I'm no doctor, but could be about a million things from allergy, through atmospheric conditions to a cold, through stress and a zillion things.

If they persist no harm in getting yourself down the doctor's though.

Sinus problems?

He's not satified with himself. Is he pushing himself too hard to show that he is able to do things as well as others?

He probably has a perforated blood vessel in his nose or sinus cavity. A Doctor can detect it by doing a simple visual check. If a rupture or a scab is detected, it could then be cauterized stopping the bleeding. I would advise that he NEVER picked his nose and don't blow to hard, as these practices can blow out a weak blood vessel with relative ease.

dan l
i think its a genetic tissue in ur nose.i think u cant do anything about it.

Morgan J
I know people like that and theyv'e been to doctors who say its nothing to worry about, it sure as hell sounds like something to worry about. Cute Avatar. ; )

Maybe it is just a infection or maybe it runs through the family.... well ya

It runs in my family too and there are a number of reasons why. There is a thin wall protecting the blood vessels in your nassal passage. In some people this wall is thinner then others. Dry air and increased blood pressure cause this wall to rupture. I had to have a humidifier in my room when I was younger but now I only need one when the air gets really dry. My son gets a nose bleed when ever he gets excited. There are moisturizers that can help but I would recommend a humidifier for your house.

John D
It could be from a low humidity or dryness in the air...I used to get them often in the winter when the air was very dry...Is it seasonal?

bad_bob got suspended
he probably has thin veins in his nose that are easily ruptured.

Gilbert W
My son has this problem from time to time. He has been to doctors for this problem on several occasions. It happens most of the time when he's engaged in physical activities such as running on a hot day. He can also have a nose bleed if it gets to warm(dry air) in his room at night. I have noticed that whenever he drinks a lot of water and his room is properly ventilated the problem isn't nearly as bad during the summer months.

Other reasons for frequent nose bleeds:

1. External injury to the nose
2. Excessive nose blowing
3. Breathing very dry air
4. Removing crusts from the nose
5. Nose Tumor(MRI)
6. High blood pressure
7. Excessive physical exercise

Any of the above symptoms can trigger a nose bleed.

Ann Onn Emoose
Well, one explaination is that he has been abducted by aliens. ;)

The other is that he simply has a very thin layer of nasal skin, i advise him to blow gently, not pick and if the problem persists see a doctor who can refer him to an Ear, nose and throat specialist.

my avatar is hot but I'm not
My daughter does all the time too, my doctor said it's a combination of allergy irritation and dry air, she's been better since she had a humidifier by her bed at night. It's a spontaneous break in the little veins from drying out and stretching was how he explained it..

Given that I'm not a doctor, I can only express my hearsay opinions, so it's possible that it's a generic sinus disorder, or your home is extremely dry inside, or he has high blood pressure, or there are tiny aliens inside of his nose mining for human boogers, of which supply much needed salt and protein for the little buggers;) LOL

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