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Sam P
What does it feel like to be old?
What does it feel like to be old?

shih tzu lady
How "old" is "old". I'm 50 now and dont consider myself to be old, but I know my body is struggling in some departments! My joints particularly are a problem. I'm still 25 in mind - but well and truly 50 in body. However, everyone says I dont look anything like my age - I try!

I am in my fifties and it is not too bad. can't do some things I used to but life is still good. Soon get concession on season ticket for my football team. great news.

Why? .you going to tell us

David J
Dont know but Ill try & reply in 30 years.

It feels the same. You are still the same person, with your same likes, dislikes, fears and dreams. Emotionally, it feels a little better to be old. You have a lot more wisdom and experience so you feel more competent about being able to make decisions and manage yourself and your life. You are not as self conscious, and you are not so easily intimidated.

Yes, you have some lines, and some aches and pains. But, if you accept these things, go with the flow and trust in God, you get by. My wish is for you to have the opportunity to experience a long and contented life.

i'm 26 and beginning to feel a little older - it takes me longer to recover when i go out and cane it

I am 55 and so getting quite old. I still love music, especially modern stuff. I am still quite energetic and work full-time, in a demanding job.

On the down side, my hair has gone grey and I have to get it coloured. I have lots of aches and pains (repetitive strain injury). I also look older when i look in the mirror.

Another plus of being older is that I have three brilliant grandchildren

El Cid
It feels the way you feel - if you feel young, then that's how it feels, if you feel old, then you feel old.

It is total rubbish, Don't let anybody tell you different.

Little. A little slower, less hurried if you prefer. A little wiser which means we can be more critical of the younger and less experienced. Some my age and in politics upset me. But they are rich and look at things differently than I do. Still do not find enough time in the day to learn and keep up with every thing going on, on the computer and TV, like the Nat. Geo. and History channel. and anything to do with jazz. Talk radio through the night on my xmsr satellite.

I would'nt know as i'm only 24,but i guess as you get older everything slows down,memory,your body etc.

north lincs red

fun !_! ^_^
Whats old? ummmm....... If you mean like 21 good I guess

Dave C
Pretty good really.
Got more money, got more wisdom and insight.
Know how to enjoy myself, and not just do things to be "in" with people.
Able to show the experience where it counts.
Much more experimental - will try almost anything.

Enjoy the process because it'll happen to you all - gather the wisdom and pass it on to those who matter (by my age you know who matters)

no different to being young cos you are still you.... and it creeps up that slowly that you dont notice anyway

IyLoveChocolate <3
Duno i ent ther yet =]

Spelling Bee-otch
Wait, don't do anything too stupid, and you'll eventually find out.

You will feel exactly as you do now . I feel I am an eighteen year old with a question mark on the end of my nose . I just want to know . If you never lose that question mark you will never grow old . Your body may age but YOU will never grow old . Remember the best is still to come

Things flow better.Karma is the order of the day and every
day.Wisdom is that has been accumulated,over many
years,is easily given for those who are in need of it.
As i said i am fine,joints creak a little,but my mind is
has clear as crystal,but my clock is ticking .

Jane Eyre
How very dare you!

Margie W
You slow down occasionally but other than that, if you take care of yourself, you'll be cable to laught @ people younger than you not keeping up with you. DOme diet modification, spices may start to bother ya, but not too bad

Old is a relative phenomenon. I'm 51 and want to reply that i don't know yet I'll let you know when I'm 90, but realise that if you are only in your teens or twenties then I will be what you think of as old. So, its great. You are old enough to have lived a bit of life, travelled a bit, raised a family and now have no responsibilities or dependants so your income is your own.

I do not know yet. I am looking forward to it. The older folk seem to be wiser and happier than the younger ones.

Im in my forties and it feels horrible to be honest. Little lines start appearing on your face and your muscles start feeling weak, its not nice so be sure to keep yourself fit when youre young to put it off as long as you can.

wait and see

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