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 Does it hurt when I do this?

What does it feel like being dead?
do you come back?

&hearts pink_princess_bob&hearts
im not sure but ull never know so its kinda a useless question

I believe you get one chance to live. We have no control over being born into such a world as this but we do have control over our death. It is inevitable unless GOD comes back before we experience actual death.

I do not believe that we can come back as a life form or reborn into a living creature. However our life can live on through other lives' we have touched. Our presence can be felt.

If someone answers you that has returned from the dead, let me know. I would like to ask him/her some questions. LOL!!!!!!! :)

P.S. You may want to attend some church services to get more perspectives or look up religious beliefs to gain more insight into such an abstract question.

my guess would be like sleeping? I tried asking a guy a work once and he didn't answer....funny who'd a thought a dead guy not answering a question. Most people pass out before they die because of an organ failing or not getting enough oxygen. So my guess would be naturally mostly painless, but you wont really know untill you die.

Look up NDE's on the web.. no better people to check with.

why dont you find out?

Ningun nombre
well, i had a near-death experience, and mostly what i felt was a weird sorta out-of-body feeling, like when ur having a dream and in the dream u are watching urself. its odd i guess.. maybe something akin to L.S.D..... lol.

the coolest person♥
who knows

guess the world will never solve this question


My leg was sure part dead, & the dead part had to be removed. New tissue filled in & new skin grew. So, I describe my experience as a return of the living dead.


i dont know, im stil alive, for now


No one here has ever been dead. It is life's greatest mystery.

no, not comin back dude. Why? are u tryin to suicide ? When u die, everyfin is white. Peaceful huh? But then, u go to hell

I'm not sure. Once I'm dead, I'll be sure to let you know. :)

Ask a dead peerson

Jonny Q
I just got this idea now. Get a ouji board and ask a dead person.

tAkiiN liFe aSz iT cOmEs
i think they do but they don't remember they're old life like i think we were probably famous b4 and we don't remember bcuase all that deja vu stuff is things that have probably happened in the life we have had b4!!

Weird right

once dead... you feel nothing your dead.... if you do come back ... once your brain is functioning... Then you can start feeling again.

if u are really dead then no 1 nos exept if u believe in jesus then he nos but no one that u can talk to face to face nos

never been

I don't know, I haven't died yet.

please let us know how it works out

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