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What does a meth lab smell like?
starting this afternoon, my roomate and I noticed a weird smell coming from outside, there isn't anyone in the neighborhood getting a new roof, and there aren't any roads being paved, but there is a strong smell like that in the air. I've never smelled meth before, and I was just wondering if that could be what we're smelling.

smells like cookies.

it smells like your a** gas

...are you cooking meth?

Steve S
Smells like rednecks or possibly whitetrash. Depends if there is a Trans Am out front.

do any chinese, indian people live around your complex, because they might be cooking ;)...or better yet they haven't showere for weeks!

I heard it smells like cat urine, but not sure.

Cap'n Donna
either somebody in your neighborhood is making meth... or somebody has a bad car engine with a bad exhaust and it STANKS

doubt it, it takes special conditions to work a lab. you have to consider the temp. the moisture in the air and light. People that have them probly would not put them somewhere that they could be smelled and the smell is not really even strong.

dont know i hate the stuff i will never touch that crack which i can tell you that smells like burnt styrofoam and heroine are things i wont touch thats just bad and nasty and the stuff it does to your teeth

someone once said it smells like burnt plastic

It just smells like stinky chemicals. I would call the police and let them know what you are smelling and they will check it out.

we used to have neighbors who made this stuff, and it smells like ammonia

ya girl

Paul H
I hope I never know what a meth lab smells like. If it continues I suggest you contact law enforcement about it. I don't want a meth lab in my neighborhood either.

Bored Enough To Be Here
I'm not sure what it smells like, but the fumes will make you feel ill. One of the buildings in our condo complex was evacuated b/c there was a meth lab and the neighbors got sick. Big risk of explosion - I'd call the cops or something if that's what you suspect!

It smells like old cigars, or an antique store.
That is what i heard

Lets see. It can smell like amonia it can smell like ether(starting fluid) it can smell like lithium. Look around your area for any jars, hoses or tanks like propane tanks or air tanks both of wich can hold anahydrous and keep an eye out for coffee filters and round ice coolers.

Gemini Fenrir
It could be a car leaking oil (that smells like tar) But Meth is said to smell mostly like ammonia or ether. Its a "chemically" smell. (I have never actually smelled meth myself but my uncle's a police officer and he was called on a bust and he said it smelled something like that.)

it smells like rotting eggs. the only reason i know this is because my parents had one next door to them about five years ago. the scary part is it was a very nice neiborhood. when you were in certian parts of their house you could smell rotten eggs, my dad said it was sulphur. and after the police busted it the smell went away, they also confirmed that that was probably the smell they were smelling.

If you smell something funny call the police or fire department and have them come to your area. It could also be a gas leak. I don't know what the labs smell like and if you think that is going on someone needs to know.

tom r
Call the Cops and Fire Department ASAP because if someone is cooking Meth, your whole block could go up in a matter of minutes.

i hope your not smelling it ....it is corrosive and toxic and sooo bad for you ....you may smell sweet, bitter, ammonia or solvent smells.

various chemicals in meth
Acetone Alcohol (isopropyl or rubbing)
Anhydrous ammonia and ammonium sulfate (fertilizer) Battery acid (sulfuric acid)
Bleach Coleman fuel
Drain cleaner (sulfuric acid or caustic soda) Drain openers such as Red Devil lye
Heet and Iso-Heet, gasoline additives (methanol/alcohol) Hydrogen peroxide
Iodine (both crystal and liquid) Lithium batteries
Matches (red phosphorous) Mineral Spirits
Muriatic acid Over the counter cold pills containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine
Salt (table or rock) Sodium and Lithium metal
Starting Fluid (organic ether) Toluene
Trichloroethane (gun cleaning solvent)

Leave the site at once and report it
Do not open any coolers, container or boxes
Do not touch any items
Don't shut off any electrical supplies
Limit time inside scene
Handling meth chemicals and/or meth lab waste residue can burn your skin and eyes. Breathing the gases can cause respiratory damage
Try not to alert the suspects of your suspicions

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