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What does a doctor's note look like? is it a little filled out form or just a note scribbled on a blank page?

Additional Details
oh, n it's not for me...not that it matters, heh, but it's for a friend's friend in college, apparently her prof actually wants one.

The doctors note should come from a doctor! Forging a doctors note could lead to a fine or jail time. Think about it.

Your friend needs to call the doctor.

They have specific paper that lists the office information and the secretary normally can fill one out for you. It will say some like Sarah Jane was seen and treated in our office on 7/26/2006 and released 7/27/2006. There will also be a few lines they can writie any work restrictions, etc. Normally the drs signature is a stamp. I've seen a lot since I am a manager who requires workers to show me a drs excuse for missing work.

van kedileri
the latter

Its a real form and he just checks it off with the day you went there and when you can return to school or work.

Actually, you can go and steal a prescription pad (or part of one) from the drawer, while you're having to wait forever in the examining room (some doctors leave their pads there), and use them to write anything that may sound professional looking and that will satisfy the educator or the employer.


You can go to a printing store (or set up your own printer) and have them print a bogus doctor's name and address on the top of a pad, and then do the same writing.

In England its a bit like the prescription pad its A5 size and a printed form that the doctor fills in it is pre printed and has the surgery address and phone number on.

Some doc's have pre-printed notes they use exclusively to document absences from school and/or work. Others just scribble something quickly on a piece of paper.

The key is that as long as the handwriting is illegible, people will assume it was written by a doctor! :)

Usually docs just write it on a script pad and sign there name, I'd tell that professor to screw off

A Designer
It depends on the doctor's office... for scholastic purposes, however, it is usually expected that the note will be on some sort of form or letterhead with the doctor's name/address printed on it... so that the person who's requesting the letter knows it's legit.

It is what ever the doctor wants to write it on. Usually his prescription pad or something with his name and license printed on it.

Really no point in trying to fake it. They will call and check it out.

whatever is happening understand that when things look suspicious the Prof. will call the doctor to verify everything is correct anyway.
Every doctors tablet looks different. Now that you are adults forgery is another thing to worry about,

practical thinking
Some will just scribble something about you having been at their office on one of their perscription not pads. It has the Dr's address and number on it, and it's usually right there just after s/he examines you. If you have to go back and ask for one, depending on how busy they were, they could type one up...or again just whip out the pad and scribble a quick note.

They write the note on their prescription pad. So it has all their contact info and credentials on it. So, you actually need to go see a doctor to get one.

Most doctors write something like this:

"insert your name here" was in my office today due to medical reasons.

Earl D
It's handwritten on a precription form or typed up on letterhead by the secretary or nurse and signed by the doctor.

its usually written on a script note, or an office letterhead

gummi bear
doctors have pads of paper with their names and office addresses/phone numbers on them. they scribble their notes on these.

It's a filled out form. Tell "your friend's friend"(who do you think your fooling)to go to class next time.

You mean a note excusing from class/exam?

It depends. Often they're on prescription pads, but sometimes drug companies provide forms to fill out. (Since script pads are not cheap and the forms are free!) But, in order to be valid, they need to be stamped by the office.

PS - stealing a prescription pad or prescription blank is a FELONY and most doctors prosecute.

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