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What do you do if you feel like throwing up?
this is not a pregnancy question.

is drinking water would make you feel better?


please tell.


moon vine lass
Go ahead and throw up, you will feel better. It's your body's way of rejecting a substance that is harmful., like acid. If you have chronic problems with this go to a GI doctor. Some people swear that taking the spice ginger helps chronic nausea.

I just sit on the floor in front of the toilet until the feeling either produces something or passes.
Or I take an anti-emetic, they can be found at your local drug store...(can't think of the name of it right now).
But usually I just throw-up. I figure my body must not like something I put in it.
I take the anti-emetic if I can't stop throwing up...which is rare...

hurl, you'll be glad you did.

eat a saltine cracker


I eat something starchy like crackers. Oatmeal always seems to work the best though. I also try to focus on something else.

If you feel like throwing up, eat some saltine crackers. Also drink some cola, that seems to help. Maybe you should go to a doctor, to find out whats the matter.

just let it out then brush your teeth really good after

take a shower then lay down with a bucket beside you, have a glass of water beside you too; to rehydrate,,,,,,Paul

um... go in the bathroom and wiat. it will come when its ready. water could make it worse. u will eventually puke. try laughin really hard or ur finger it will come up its all over when its out.

Lay down. Run to the bathroom if needed.

Depends. If you just want to settle your stomach, try a bit of 7-up or perrier ( a small bit ) or lay down for a few minutes. Crackers and dry toast are good, too. They call it the "BRAT Diet" - Bananas Rice Applesauce and Toast - for nausea and unsettled stomachs.

If you're talking about how to stop that mouth watering "I'm going to throw up right now" feeling, try gum or a lifesaver.

Throwing up can be a good thing if you're sick and sometimes you'll feel better if you just get it over with. Remember not to drink liquids for at least 15 minutes after you do or you'll just start a cycle by sending your stomach into spasms. (It's ok to rinse your mouth out, just don't drink anything.)

Good luck.

Take two tablespoons of corn syrup

Put your finger in the back of your throat until you throw up.

Drink some 7-Up slowly, and if that works, eat a few saltine crackers.

drinking water makes it happen a lot quicker, which is good, but if I can get a little Coke or 7up down, that cuts down on the eww factor.

drink water and lie down

♥never been kissed♥
I breathe slowly in through my nose and slowly breathe out my mouth and I do that for while until the feeling is gone and in between I drink small sips of water!

Salt or baking soda on the tongue - no more than half a teaspoon

u should go to the doctor i used to have that problem and everyone thought i was bullemic but if you go to your doctor he/she will most likely prescribe you methotrexate it works really good

eat dry carbohydrates- like a cracker.


let it rip... you'll feel better

jody n
take some pepto and if it dont work throw up

Sometimes, eating a banana helps me feel better...

Let it all out

I find if you're really feeling sick there is nothing wrong with making yourself sick. Its gross, yeah, but it really is the quickest way to feeling better again.

If I feel sick but not really on the verge of BEING sick I like to get a shower. The water can be really soothing...just enjoy it and dont worry about things like shampooing or soaping up...standing in the water is all you need.

When you're done laying on your bed in front of a fan is good...sometimes I feel sicker if I dont feel like I'm getting enough air, so the breeze helps. Putting a cold cloth on your head feels nice and can help you get to bed too. And nibbling on a cracker (saltines are the best) can help put your stomach more at ease. If you're thirsty a little ginger ale or water is okay, but just a little....too much might fill your stomach up and make you feel worse.

Hope you feel better.

eat crackers or soda water that should settle your stomach

warm cola or gingerale can help soothe

I just puke

bill loomer
oh, good question. i like to place both my hands on a flat surface (like bathroom tile, for example), and put some effort into it. it seems that if you try hard to 'not' puke, you are prolonging the problem. you will feel better if you let the cheerios fly. however, if you are lunging and nothing is coming out, that is a different story...you may be in this for the long-run.

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