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What do you do if you're choking and you're alone?
I always wondered... it would be very scary.

lean over the back of a chair between yor ribs and belly botton and push as hard as you can. should dislodge whatever is stuck in your throat...dont panic.

you have to thrust you gut stomach agaisnt the back of a chair, or reach inside your mouth and scoop it out, try coughing and ramming yourself againt things , run outside and keep thrusting yourself agaist trees and try to get peopls attention lmao

find a chair and place the backrest part of it under you rib cage in your abdomen and give yourself the heimlich, basically...

matt w
call 911, get water and pour a bunch of salt in it(then drink it), get life alert, die, the usual

The Un-Cola
You perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself.

lourdes r
i will go out of my door, open my mouth as wide and try to enhale air thru my wide open mouth, or ask the help of a neighbor if i cant do it alone.

Frank M
If you don't clear it in 4 to 5 min. You die

you force yourself to cough, it works

It is possible to give yourself the heimlech.

try to do the Heimlich to yourself with a chair

use the back of the chair to do a thrusting motion. It is pretty much the same thing that would happen if someone else was there.

You call 991... even though you can't probably talk they'll come.

U could die but there iz one way, u can have that life alert neckalace wen ever u r in danger but dats only 4 old ppl i think....

oracular spectacular
get behind a chair and thrust it upwards on your stomach are to try and dislodged the obstruction in your esophagus

i think

you're supposed to give yourself the heimlich by pressing up against a table or the corner of the counter.

kate m
You can do the "heimlich maneouver" on yourself using a table.

It is possible to give yourself the Heimlich Maneuver by using a chair back.

Here's a link:


First, don't panic! If there is a non pointed table, shove (extreme force) your stomach at it: like the procedure does if you have a person with you.

Heimlich Maneuver to yourself. You have to shove it out by raming your body into stuff.

a m o r e
Throw yourself to the closest table corner it will poke the area under your ribs and u might spit the thing out.

There is a procedure to perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself. You should use the back of a chair or arm of a sofa to thrust into your diaphragm, thereby dislodging the item. You could check out Web MD for more details.

there is some way you can throw yourself across a chair (like a dining room/kitchen chair) and sort of do the heimlich on yourself

Give yourself the Heimlich with the edge of the table. There are diagrams in almost every fast food restaurant that show you how!

lean over the back of a kitchen chair-push UP and IN on your stomach as u do. HOPEFULLY, this will force the air that is in your stomach upward toward the object lodged in your airway, and force it up and out. IF 1st time doesn't work, obviously do it over and over until you disloge the object or pass out and die!! :(

i just recently took a cpr class, if at all possible, find a chair or some kind of furniture that is close to you that has a rim like the top of a chair would and throw your stomache at the edge with a running start.

you use the back of a chair or a sharp corner on a counter and do the himlich to yourself. I know someone who used the back of a chair and pull it up hard against his chest and it saved his life. They teach you those things in the military

Throw yourself over a chair -- it happened to me ONCE......I was so afraid.....put - under your ribcage - over the back of a chair -- it does work. In the meantime, chew your food really well when you are alone.

jacquelyn s
try to find a chair around you or some sort of edge and thrust yourself on it. it gives the same effect of the heimlich maneuver. Thrust right inbetween the rib cage..where the fists would be in the heimlich. Then call 911 when you get it up.

Jump on top of a chair back or thrust yourself into a table edge.

If you are alone and are choking it is important not to panic. Panicking, while understandable in such a scary situation, impairs judgment and can make it harder for you to help yourself in an emergency situation. If you are choking, but are still able to breathe or talk, your airway is not completely blocked. However, breathing may still be difficult, even if your airway is only partially blocked. If you are able to cough forcefully, continue to do so in an effort to expel the object. Remember do not panic. If you are able to cough or speak you are still getting enough air to breathe. If coughing fails to expel the object and you can speak, call for an ambulance immediately. If you cannot speak, but can still breathe, go outside and try to get the attention and help of a neighbor or passerby by clutching your throat with both hands. This position is known universally as a distress signal for choking.

If you cannot speak, cough forcefully, or breathe your airway is completely blocked. You may, in this situation, still be able to make sounds or cough weakly. This is a life-threatening emergency. You will need to give yourself the Heimlich maneuver.

To give yourself the Heimlich maneuver make a fist and place the thumb side of your fist against your abdomen, just above your navel and below your ribcage. Take hold of your fist with your other hand and deliver a quick inward and upward thrust into your abdomen. Repeat these thrusts until the object is dislodged.

Another option is to quickly locate a stable, hard object, such as the back of a chair, countertop, railing or sink. Lean over and thrust your abdomen forcefully enough into the hard surface to expel the object. You need to focus the pressure on your upper abdomen, below your ribcage, and just above your navel. Be very careful not to lean over anything with a sharp edge that may injure you. Repeat the abdominal thrust as often as is necessary.

It is possible to injure yourself while performing abdominal thrusts. Injuries such as broken ribs and bruising can be sustained. These injuries are minor when compared with the possibility of death from choking. Even if you believe you are not injured you should always see a doctor immediately after giving yourself the Heimlich maneuver.

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