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It's amazing what you can find in there!...

 Why doesn't snoring wake up the person that is snoring?

 It is like 2:30 a.m. and im not tired im like bouncing off the walls what should i do?
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 I have a zit that's three times the size of a quarter, what should I name it?

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 Does it hurt when I do this?

 If it is called alcoholics anonymous?
Why is the first thing you do stand up and say your name?...

 Hi,how is everyone??
hope everyone is having a good morning,or afternoon,evening,dependin what part of world you in..

js spreadin some love!!lol
Additional Details
yep im in uk..
finally some ...

 Anyone any tips on getting a restful night?
I'm 30 and for weeks now I have been having trouble sleeping!
I have trouble getting to sleep and when I eventually do drop off, I am awake again, sometimes within half an hour... then it ...

 Is it true that when you die you have no control over your bowels an basically crap yourself?

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 When do we grow most?
Is it during summer it seems to? Also i am almost 17 will i grow anymore....

 Will it affect my brain???
I wake up everyday using my handphone which rings with vibration.
i always keep my phone under my pillow.
my friends says that the vibration will affect my brain. is it true??...

What do you call it when someone falls asleep any where at any time at any place?




pain in the back

A person who suffers from Narcolepsy....I believe. They are known as sleep attacks.

Enchanted Gypsy
Narcolepsy. I once had an employee with it and had to sit her next to one of my most caring employees so he could gently wake her. It can be very dangerous as the person could fall asleep while driving or cooking or anywhere else without notice. If you know some one with this condition (or if you have it yourself) please seek medical help ASAP so it can be treated.




Boliver Bumgut
the "condition" is Narcolepsy the "cause" is usually sleep apnea or frequent tia's (trans-isthschemic attacks) or mini-strokes.


Narcelopsy...ha, ha I was the first one to spell it right!!

D angel
narcolapsy, its a disorder of the brain but i dont think you spell it like that.

guy from mulon rouge for example.

ray b


Legolas' Babe


Dan A
it is a condition called narcolepsy. i imagine it is very debilitating condition, with people unable to hold down jobs or relationships.




Melissa Jonas
not enough sleep

The person is Narcoleptic, the condition, Narcolepsy.

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